your First 180 unispin

Post your first ever uni spin here
ill start

I wish i still had my first unispin on video. Would be funny to watch.

Edit: nice unispin :smiley:

Heres my first ever 360. Can’t do 'em anymore though, for some reason :angry:


Too bad I don’t have a video camera. I was working on 180’s yesterday. I might be able to capture one of my first unispins with our old digital camera that takes 15 second soundless vids…

I’m getting really close to landing 180s!! I’ll post when I do!!

I just landed my first 180 unispin a few minutes ago!!! Video will be up soon, the battery on my camera ran out before I could transfer it to my computer.

I think I did my first one in 1982. Sorry, no video…

I never learned the 360 though. Once I learned audiences basically can’t tell the difference, I could never get into it…

I did it.

[COLOR=black]EDIT: I can’t get it to not embed so just click it like it’s a link.[/COLOR]

Nice! Is that the right hand position? I’ve seen tutorials that say it isn’t. I can’t do them (yet), so I’m just trying to figure them out…

I have no idea about hand position. I just had my unicycle flipped around and had my left hand on the handle. That way when it I land it is in a normal riding position with my normal hand holding the handle. I also had my right hand on the back bumper and I just let go right after landing.

I’m sure holding onto the middle of the seat allows for faster spinning, but holding onto the handle gives you more control over the spin, which is why I chose that hand position.

well done that was nice
nearly as good as mine (joke) lol

Interestingly enough, I unlearnt to unispin :frowning:

Haha thanks. I only just realized after watching yours again that you landed almost completely on the cranks and I landed completely on the pedals. Very interesting.

Landing on pedals is somehow better, cause you can roll out easily, but landing on cranks is also good…

I can rarely 720 to pedals, and when that happens, is way harder to stay on the uni… Same with 540s and 360s when you learn it :wink:

Don’t really worry where you’ll land… with time you’ll get consistent and will land where you want (Cranks, pedals, frame, wheels… Maybe seat :p)

For 180s, there’s a lot more leeway with hand position than with the bigger spins. Just use a grip that works for you on the landing and you’ll be fine.