Your favorite pictures of you riding

This thread is for showing your favorite pictures of you doing tricks or riding… just pictures of you on your uni. there probably is another thread like this, but it may be relative old. there was another one of your latest ride, this is your favorite pics overall.
here is mine

my pictures didnt show. ill try again

my pics doesnt like being showed obviously. well just show yours then :slight_smile:

To upload pictures from your computer, scroll down to the “additional options” box under the “reply to thread” box, and click on “manage attachments”. Click on “Browse”, select the image you want to upload, and click “upload”. The picture will be shown at the bottom of your post. And, since you’re new, there is a search function that you should know about. Search before you create a new thread, because similar threads have already been created. Don’t worry, one repeated thread isn’t uncommon for a new user. :wink:

ill try one more time

You’ve linked directly to your hard disc, we can’t see your computers disc, (lucky for you ;))

You need to upload them somewhere like flikr or photobucket, then link to that.

I’d say this one is my favorite because it reminds me of how awesome RTL was:

Yes, that is a foam lobster on my helmet.

i like this one

here’s a few

snow 009_0001.jpg

snow 017_0001.jpg


Aah, i remember you from moab. Are you jumping over that bush?

Here’s a few:

I think the 1st and last are my favorites, Brian Oley took the last 2 pics.

Some more by Brian Oley:

You da man, Brian.

wicked. Those are some awesome looking pictures!

Here are some of my favourite snaps. The 36er ones are from my 2000km self supported charity ride i did last university holidays, and the street ones are from a long gone road trip to Canberra with some of the sydney riders. hope you like them.


Wow, there are some pretty freakin’ awesome photos in here! All I have is 36er pics, but here are some of the ones I’ve come across online that I liked:

These are pretty much from RTL and Unicon (i want to go back!!)

The lower right was some extra space, so I filled it with a picture of one of my more epic flatulations. You can see the boost of wind it got :smiley:

Wow, some great ones posted so far. Here’s one of my favorites, because it makes it look like I could keep up with Brian Hansen (center) and the great Aspen Mike (right) It’s the 10k race at NAUCC 2004, at the Olympic cross country skiing course in Utah. I was eventually dropped by those two, plus Irene Genelin, Andy Cotter and I think a few others… :slight_smile:

haha corbin! after seeing your pics i could only think of one thing- rocket powered Guni36"…performance enhancing beans etc

I’m not really riding in these pictures but I like them of me and my unicycle.

I like this more recent one of me doing a drop/gap too I made a face like a fish.

This one is really old(about 2 years old now I think) but I still like it alot too

why not putting in the thread of “pictures of your latest ride”?
anyway, two of mines:

Nice tire grab.