Your favorite pictures of you riding

This is a great thread idea. Unfortunately most of my best “unicycle” pictures are of other people and most of the best ones of me are not riding, but usually in front of cool scenery. Here’s a carefully-posed shot in the American River at the end of Stevens Trail. Robert Allen was the shooter.


These are two of my favorites

This is one I took in Centennial Colorado, you got the mama bull moose, and her baby.

Here’s a classic. This combination of cycle and “riding gear” is not recommended…



Great photo…I have lived in Colorado my entire life, and I’ve never seen a moose! I guess I need to get out more. I’m very envious! Could you give me anymore information about when and where the photo was taken?


"Ridin’ my KH in Copenhagen, 2008! :smiley:


HAhaha! John, is that you in there?

I think you should make a Santa appearance at the next Moab. :stuck_out_tongue:

This one will probably always be a favorite of mine. Its great. Sam took a screenshot from his video camera i think. Unless you used the camera option instead (if it has one). Still awesome though.

John: Is that a unicyclist scrap I spy on your knee? Haha!

That photo reminds me of rob schneider.


This is my favorite picture of me riding. It was taken by Neil (Norry). It makes me look really hardcore! :smiley:


A favourite


Add some color to that.

This has always been one of my favorites. Trials at the beach at Vancouver Island MUni Weekend 2003.

Sorry are we talking about the photo, or do you mean some sort of background info?

Both would be OK. I thought when I initially looked at your photo that there was a rainbow in it like mine. Then I realized it was a glare streak.

Alas it is only glare, although the summit of that mountain is the only place where I’ve seen circular rainbows, and also the penumbra, an illusions where your shadow is projected on to the mist, giving the appearance of people walking 1000’ off the ground. It is of course Mount Snowdon in north Wales, taken on the 28th or 29th of december a couple of years ago. The riding figure is probably me but possibly one of my mates.

Say nothing.

It’s you.

Serving bread and butter pudding on my muni. My old chalet, les trois vallees, France.
I’m not actually holding onto the bench for support …honest

A repeat.
Photo by Bob Scott, professional photographer shooting us unicyclists for a Smartwool socks and clothing catalog.
Me on the giraffe.

AWESOME I need some of those socks… Have a pic from the catalog?

nice pics you have got there