Your Dream Trial/street Uni

Yes, I’m starting a new thread, but this is a good one. I wanted to know every trial/street riders dream uni, down to every part - be detailed!!:slight_smile:

This is my dream setup

  1. 07 KH frame (it’s just too light to pass)
  2. 05 KH rim
  3. 07 KH ISIS moment cranks/hub
  4. KH/Onza reinforced seat post
  5. KH fusion street/trials - blue - with carbonfiber seatbase :sunglasses:
  6. Blue Koxx one double bolt seat post clamp
  7. Odyssey Jim C pedals - blue - with grind plate
  8. 2.7in monty trials tire
  • KH 2007 hub and cranks
  • KH 2007 rim. 2006 version if I cant get 07 separately.
  • Black Sapim double-butted spokes.
  • Nimbus II frame.
  • Standard 25.4 seat post.
  • Double bolt seat clamp.
  • Cut down DX seat.
  • Standard wellgo pedals.

I think that’s it.

I have colors planned out already too. Starting form the seat.

Black and blue fusion cover, black seat post, Blue seat clamp, black frame, blue hub. As for the cranks and rim, either the rim will be blue and leave the cranks silver, or paint the rim black and anodize the cranks blue. Haven’t decided on those two parts yet.

Oh, and Blue rim tape for the black rim, black rim tape for the blue rim.


EDIT: Maybe the eagle claw tire, but I haven’t heard from enough people or enough info to see how good it is. Probably just stick with the CC.

I think that there has been countless threads on this but oh well…

KH 07 frame
ZHI rim
KH moment hub and 137mm cranks
swallis seat with KH street foam and cover
kinport handle
thomson post
tryall sticky 2.5 tire
salsa flip lock seatclamp
koxx buiscuit pedals.

I’d have the frame be sandblasted, steel wool brushed, and p. coated clear.
I’d have the seatclamp colored hot pink, as well as the pedals
the hub would be black.

ps. why would you want the old KH rim and not the new one? The new one is better in every way…

profile silver hub and black crank set
Black Alex rim
Black and Silver (rotating) spokes
luna trials tire
Gold Primo Super Tenderizer Pedals
Bedford Chrome frame
Primo seat post clamp
GB4 Seatpost
Miyata style carbon fiber base
DG carbon fiber handle
Blue Miyata bumper
black KH fusion seat
Blue Die cap

ohh… wait that’s my uni once i drill the carbon fiber base and assemble and put on the seat:D

  • KH 07 Frame
  • KH Moment Hub/Cranks
  • KH 07 Rim
  • CrMO Seatpost
  • KH Fusion Street/trials Seat w/ crabon fibre seat base & DG handle
  • Try All Sticky Tyre or Maxxis CC
  • Those Butterfly pedals…?
  • K1 Seat post Clamp - blue (maybe)
  • Some kind of rim tape and tube…

Thats about it I think…

I would pick the 05 KH rim instead ou the 07 becouse the holes make me nervous, is seems just a replica of the Koxx One light trial rim, which has been bent and tacoed many times.

But lets not get off topic, keep comin’ with the dream uni setups’

I love the way I am the only person to completely ignore the KH gear and how everyone but me has the moment cranks:D

I already have it so here it is:

KH Street Carbon fiber seat
KH 07 Seat post
KH double bolt clamp
KH 07 frame
KH onza cranks and hub
Tryall rim
Jim C pedals
Luna tire

And a pic to show the colors:

The metal used on the 2007 rims are stronger than the metal used on the 2005 and Koxx rims. They are also wider, giving even more strength. Most likely to be stronger than his older version, cause it wouldn’t make sense to put a downgraded item as an upgrade.

Besides, Ryan Atkins uses it, and he is crazy with his gaps, and drops. He uses the 2007 rim, an it works and feels really stable to him.

Besides, they had to be tested by Kris Holm himself, and the top riders he choose to also test out his products, so they had to pass all his tests and expectations of riding.

my ride:

blue Kh 07 Gel Street Saddle
Alu KH seatpost - i wont ever break an alu seatpost i suck.
Black KH 07 double bolt Clamp
KH 07 20 Frame
Koxx reinforced “ISIS” hub and cranks - 140mm
Blue Jimmy C pedals - GLOW IN THE DARK BITCH
black spokes and nipples
Orange VIZ 19" 46mm Rim Drilled
Maxxis CC tyre
Alum. Blue valve cap - not pictured here

i love her

The uni I have now is pretty awesome, I won’t be changing anything on it for a while except maybe the rim since I put a flat spot in the current one.

KH/Bedford Dualdensity gel seat
United post
Yuni frame
luna tire
DX32 rim (bent)
Koxx-one hub and 110 mm cranks
butterfly/wellgo b-36 pedals (the butterflies are made by wellgo with the 24 brand name on them)

My true dream uni though is this beauty but I would happily settle for this and plan on it once I can afford it even though its needlessly expensive.

Kris Holm 2007 uni, only with point alien 1 pedalls and a carbon fibre seat base. If costum counts too, somebody must make the KH frame long neck :).

Koxx XTP frame
Profile hub (black) and silver cranks
24 Butterfly pedals/any pedals
Echo Supatrial tyre
black rimtape
silver spokes

(imaginary section:)
Try-All anodized green rim with square-punched holes
Koxx One anodized green clamp
Pit Fighter seatpost in 350mm
KH Fusion Street saddle (bright fluo green) with carbon base

^I’ve got some of those, but the things I mentioned in the imaginary section would be HOT.

But since the XTP’s pretty disposable, I guess my final frame would be a Miyata Titanium Trials frame.

Why the xtp frame? I think it is weaker and heavier than the kh and you cant do many trinks on it.

he wants the XTP cause he only wants to do trials and having a square crown will ruin his style :stuck_out_tongue:

i have to say that i’d get this

Koxx1 saddle
koxx1 hub with street 135mm cranks
Atomlab G.I. Pedal 2006 –
KH 07 frame
KH 07 rim
Monty 2.7" tyre with a trials inner tube (all you guys forgot ur tubes :P)
some air for the tube :stuck_out_tongue:
Koxx1 pit fighter seatpost (i want to see if it really is any good LOL)
koxx1 double bolt seatclamp

as for colour i think it would have to be kept like my current koxx1 red devil so black and red cause damn its so nice!


-black kris holm steet gel saddle on a carbon fiber base
-black chromed seat post
-black salsa lip lock seat post clamp
-nimbus rounded crown frame with an extend seat tube powder coated black
-black any spokes that are good
-black profile hub and 145 cranks
-black 2007 kris holm rim
-monty 2.7 trials tire

As you can tell I want the whole thing black

I’ve already got the XTP. I don’t really do tricks, even though i learn some by fluke.

black Kh 07 Gel Street Saddle
KH seatpost
Black KH 07 double bolt Clamp
KH 07 20" Frame
Koxx reinforced ISIS hub and cranks - 140mm
Jimmy C’s
silver spokes
Orange VIZ 19" 46mm Rim Drilled
Maxxis CC tire

thats the same as mine except the spokes are black not silver. interesting.

You’re uni is awesome! I just wanted everything to be super light because my Nimbus uni is way heavy.
But isn’t your uni’s rim red?
EDIT: I have only seen a few pics of it, so maybe its orange, who knows!