Specifications of your dream unicycle

post what your dream unicycle is :smiley:

mine is

everything that would make a perfect unicycle well im chosing from some people who post them here

hubless wheel on a single-sided recumbent carbon fibre frame.

my dream unicycle would be one that forced its owner to use the search function before posting

…the ti nimbus:)
with a modification-metamorphic wheel size and crank length

Or, like I posted in the other thread, Gilby’s auto-balancing unicycle, now available in a galaxy near you.

lol, search:

At this moment my Druni (dream uni) would be my KH 2008 but with the Ti Hub… I’m already saving for it!

I call it the magic unicycle with missing parts.


The only real way to dream is in carbon fiber. Maybe use the new Ti hub, but the rest should be as much one off carbon parts as possible. I saw a super bike with a carbon wheel, including the rim.

I would get a dozen seats made, using a carbon base, but made by world class motorcycle seat makers, in lots of different ways, as an experiment. This would be for trials and muni.

For a 36 dream ride, I would get a batch of 44 " tires and tubes made. These would go on the carbon rims, in the carbon frames etc.

After buying about 50 Shlumph gearsets, I would send them to expert machine shops to have them reworked to reduce friction as much as possible, and also have some of them rebuilt with different gear ratio’s. Then when they came back, I would preciously measure the power loss in each set, and then use the best of these for my RTL team.:smiley:

A good experiment, would be to rebuild a Shlumph hub with ceramic bearings that are lubricated with sewing machine oil. In my dreams, this is affordable.:slight_smile:

Triton 29" Titanium frame
KH Ti ISIS hub
KH 29" Rim
WTB Exiwolf 2.3" folding tyre
Quax aluminium ISIS cranks, various lengths
Gusset Slim Jim Magnesiums
KH aluminium seatpost
KH carbon seatbase with a cut-down fusion/freeride
(optional Magura HS33 kit with spooner lever)

I have everything except the KH Ti hub and the Magnesium Slim Jims (currently have the std versions)

Geared KH24 with Steel HS33 and Straitline pedals and a Gazz.

KOXX ONE Alien Backflip.

A unicycle made out of diamonds

  • CF seat + pedals of choice (yellow superstar/slim jim pedals maybe) + yellow instead of green (like Xavier’s) + reinforced hub…

Yours. Ship it to me now.


26" wheel ,infinitely variable geared hub 0.7 to 2.5 ratio, retractable handlebars,disc brake.Optional gyro fine balance control for increased safety at high speed.I want one now.:slight_smile:

That sounds like it would be heavy.

I’m waiting for my druni - KH29 with Schlumpf hub.

But, if I dream beyond current technology:

The entire wheel could adjust from 20" to 44". The cranks could auto adjust from 165 to 130mm. The frame and seat post would automatically adjust to keep me at my personal optimum height for each wheel size. The tire could go from nubby to road slick smooth on command and maybe even change colors, or even have the whole uni be able to cloak itself, so you are peddling in the air. And of coarse the seat would be a mixture of air and gel and have the ability to move the pressure points around so as to avoid any one spot getting to sore. And all of this made with as of yet discovered “smart” alloys and composite materials based on nano-technology that can reshape itself by picking up and correctly interpreting the electro-magnetic fluxes of my brain waves. At it would weigh next to nothing and have infinite strength yet provide a very soft and comfortable ride. There are other things I can think of but I’ll just stop here.

Realistically, I just want something I can do some tricks on, jump up and down stairs, go up and down steep single track, and knock off a century all in one versatile machine.

sounds like your dreams aren’t happy dreams - get away from reality!
I forgot to mention mine would be powered by a fusion reactor the size of a donut for when I couldn’t be bothered to pedal, and have a jelly baby dispenser under the seat.

Mine would have fins like a shark and be propelled by marshmallows. The best…unicycle…ever!