yet another beginner learning videolog

Here is my contribution to the beginner learning video collection. Watch my progress along the learning curve starting from my wobbly first steps on a tennis court to free riding on streets. The entire process took more than 55 hours of practice over 44 sessions for two months.

I practiced on tennis courts because I could lean against the walls for support but at times I felt I was trapped, like a caged fowl. After weeks of practice I finally earned my freedom.

In the latter stages I also started learning to freemount using the “curb” method. 24" Club. Shot on a Drift Innovation HD and Looxcie 3.

I love watching new riders progress. Once they move over that initial hump they learn so quickly! Now the fun begins :slight_smile:

learning curve

It has only been a week since I posted my first successful ride; it is amazing how quickly the learning ramps up. Every time I go out, I reach another milestone. This time, a rite of passage, taking my newly earned freedom to range far and explore new neighborhoods. All this after a total of 60 hours of practice over 50 days.

As with any learning curve, there are bumps along the way: UPD at 1:58!

Shot on Looxcie 3.

I’m new like you are, been at it for a little over two months. With unicycling, the learning curve should be easy in the beginning. I picked it up pretty fast. But the actual hard part comes when you try to master those basic skills, master it to the point where you can use it when you want to use it and with a very low failure rate. That’s when you can become impatient and frustrated.

Like “why is it taking me so long to get this when I got the other stuff so fast?”

I learned how to ride backwards quite a few weeks ago, but can I easily utilize it on the road without thinking about it much like it’s almost second nature? No. So it was easy to learn, but much much harder to master.

Have you tried riding around with your arms across your chest? It’s very interesting practice. Riding really really slow is interesting too.

Congrats on the progress.