worst unicycling injury ever

i’ve only had two really bad unicycling injuries, and both were doing stupid things. the second worst i was riding in some wet grass and slipped and fell right on my tailbone… i kept riding for the subsequent few weeks (which was a mistake) but in general that was just pretty goddamn painful in all regards. last night i was just about to do some backwards one foot but didn’t really get it and had to jump off backwards, and like usual i slammed my feet on the ground but for some reason this time, out of the 100,000 times i’ve done it in the past, i broke (pretty sure) my second biggest toe on my left foot. check it out…

have you ever done this? it didn’t hurt that bad but when i got home i took off my sock and saw this. any advice? i don’t really want to go to the hospital and have to pay $50 for ace bandage. i’m going to wrap it up today…


i know how much you love looking at other peoples’ feet.


for comparison… yes that’s all…


Pretty feet…

$50 for a bandage??

I’ve had a wosrt one!!! HAHAHA

yeah, Zach has had the worst unicycling injury ever. The kind of thing that makes you wonder if unicycling is really worth the risk.

I’m curious. Do tell.

What was the evil horrible nasty thing which befell Zach? Now I’m just curious :smiley:

I could smell feet when I looked at that.

I think My injury is a bit worse. I fractured my left testical and brused my entire sack. It was bad.


We don’t need any pictures of that. OUCH! So what did they have to do. Will there be any long term effects.

damn indeed. I didn’t even know it was possible to fracture a testicle.

So how is a plaster cast applied to a testicle? Or did you have to wear it in a sling?


Hm. I’ve never heard of fracturing that. Rupturing though. shudder. Worse than my injuries.

ya you can fracture a testical. I had to treat it like a regular bruse and let it heel on its own. It was bad I couldnt ride for 3 weeks. I still feel the pain when I do any type of unicycling.

You have some nice feet! I wish my feet weren’t so infected with athletes foot.

when you fracture a testical you pretty much pop it. but they heal fast.


So how did you do it? Is it avoidable? (without throwing out your unicycle)

Thats absolutely sickening I shun you for saying something like that.