worst unicycling injury ever

the truth hurts! I was Doing a running jump mount to stand up glide down a steep hill.

You see, on this forum that just sounds like a bad stroke of luck that could happen to anyone attempting a new skill.

But try getting sympathy from a bunch of non-unicyclists at a party by telling that story…


Well, I certainly won’t be attempting that this weekend.

ahhh, it hurts just to read this thread!! I hope I never… pop a testicle… YEOWCH!

as for the other Zach’s foot… I 'spect you could probably just bandage it and it would likely heal on it’s own… but if it doesn’t look much better quickly, go to a doctor.

well, i was obviously talking about my worst unicycling injury, not the worst, if you read the first post, but that whole testicle thing is really horrible. talk about busting a nut.

my feet didn’t smell, i had just taken a shower a few hours before.

also, i don’t want to pay $50 or whatever to see the doctor and have him tell me my toe is broken and give me an ace bandage, thereby having paid $50 for basically an ace bandage and information i can pretty much already conclude by looking at my mangled toe.

really though i still can’t believe it happened. all i did was slam my left foot down on the ground, flat, like i always do when jumping off the uni. why that toe? why?