WORST Uni Video

wow that is really bad, like really really bad.
am i the only one that wants to punch that kid in the face

i hope that

Why would you want to punch him in the face? :astonished:

Ok, but when you post your creation on googlevid, you are not paid billions of dollars. He might only have wanted show to his family, or to the guy that first let him ride a unicycle what he his doing now.

In some humor live shows, the audience sometimes enjoys just seeing the humorist unable to tell his story because of laughing too much.

I have done 5 videos so far. Each time, i did it mostly because i was having fun. Then i submitted it to the electronic unicyclist community because it might interest someone.
If you don’t like it, why wanting to punch him : at least he didn’t start a noisy-title thread like “WATCH MY INCREDIBLE VID”.

Note: I couldn’t see that video. I am not the unknown rider.

he is just one of those kids.

The begining was cool, but after a little bit it just went on and on and on and it got really boring. That’s cool, leave the first minuite in and then try somthing else. even if all he could do was ride around, maybe try some simple stuff, Like maybe hopping onto a curb or riding off the curb.

Hah, finally a unicycling video made by a teenager who I can claim to ride better than. (At least at the time the video was made. :slight_smile: )

I think it’s awesome. the beggining is so cute:)

and Seth(musketman) was riding way better at the end of the movie.

Go Seth!

in that same video area I found this video, and the guy stole the one tired guy name, tisk tisk

You don’t pay $9.00 a pop to watch videos on Google, do you?

The kid said he was bored, so he made this. Now we’re bored. I guess that makes us even. He’s obviously a beginner rider, putting together a little video to share with his friends. He may be an isolated rider who doesn’t know what else to do with his unicycle. Some of the earliest video of me riding looks just like him (same arm motions). I got better.

For all you complainers and face-punchers, was the kid saying “Hey all you snobbish Trials and Street riders, be impressed by my mad riding skillz!” If he did, then you could start to be annoyed. Nobody made you watch the whole thing…

That kid flails his arms so much, you’d swear he went to the Pat Morita Unicycling School… did you see the first couple turns he makes in the video?

“Wax on, wax off!”

giggles i was like hmm i couldnt make a video… cuzz it would be made fun of… and im searching the forum… and found this watched it… and WOW prooved my fear… cuzz well i cant do anything more than … well close to that plus a bit of backwards and rolling hops(2 inches off the gound) and… yeah… my skills… so i didnt… go me!

i think it was cute! few too many crotch shots when he was having fun with the camera angles at the end. but it was cool! wee!

Make a video, I actually dont get why someone said that… And the guy who started the thread has a child and wife. Its crazy, why would he say that stuff.

It was a good video, nice editing and song choices. I wish he could come forward.

Dont let this put you off, just go for the video. Its cool, I still cant believe that some people on the forum said what they said.


Is it all about the jumps, rails, or how much better you are than someone else?
“look how fat my tire is…”
“look how much money i spent on my name brand shit…”
it’s all a fashion show, “look what I can do… look what fancy gear i have!”

do we really need the attitude, too?
I think it’s pretty lame to make fun of some kid, who’s video you found on the internet. that all of you are so insecure, that you need to justify yourselves somehow.

who cares… I dont care what you can do or what you have, or how much better you are than me.

that kid seems to me to be the only one who’s not bought into “the scene”.

maybe he doesnt want to do all the jumps, and rails, and muni, and trials, just to end up being like everyone else on here.
maybe he just likes to ride a unicycle.

maybe he doesnt have anyone to film him so he has to do it himself.
maybe he was having fun.
maybe he’s not self centered, or concerned what others think. maybe he doesnt care…

everyone’s so quick to criticize others.

next it will be: “i took a ride through the poor part of town, just to feel better about myself…”

dont you have anything better to talk about?

your jumps/hops/skinnies/bullshit?

good night

Whoa! Well said and welcome to our forum!:smiley: Btw, I liked the video for its innocence and purity. It was real and showed him just having fun, which for me, is what it’s all about…(or “aboot” if your from Canada. :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue: :wink: :smiley: )

isnt it fascinating that this one kid, who we dont even know (is it really musketman?) has made such an uproar? if hes not musketman, he may not even know what effect his video has had. and yes, please dont flame him, cuz alot of people have sucky vids, and just cuz theyre not good is not reason to be mean. hes not insulting you or anything is he?

the thing is, is that thats not really a unicycle video though. it was just a terrible video that involved a unicycle. im not good, but thats why im not making videos, i know im not good.

There were some Monty Python-esque spots where he went out of frame and back and then speeded up with that same in and out of frame stuff, and that was fun. But the snow in the background (that was snow, wasn’t it?) kept drawing my eye. Still expecting a MP skit, I was disappointed when no shipwrecked-on-a-deserted-island character with a long beard appeared.

Oh well… maybe next time…

And it was still light years ahead of his “Girls Dancing With Umbrellas” video.

my above post, a bit harsh, maybe?
sorry, but it just made me really mad, how everyone was acting.

I mean, really… someone said they would like to punch him in the face???


I have been on many online forums, where, if you didnt dress the part, or be part of a certain clique, you were looked down upon. and people were just generally unpleasant to one another.

when i first got on this forum, (which hasnt been very long, under 10 posts…)
i thought “wow, everyone seems to be very helpful/ non judgemental, regardless of skill level, age, etc” it really is a community where everyone helps one another, and offers advice.

it just pissed me off, that people would cut down some kid, for no reason
and critically analyse his video/skills/technique. he’s probably unaware that all these people have even seen his video, and are mocking him, hell I bet he doesnt even know this forum exists…

i am not very skilled either… i have been riding maybe a month…

i can ride, somewhat turn, go off some small drops, hop onto a curb, and jumpmount…

so now,
i ask…

who wants to punch ME, in the face?


i think you are right to say what you have October. i posted early on with my first reaction based on the name of the thread and without giving it all much thought. having thought about it more and read what others have written i feel bad that i was mean, he’s brave to make a video, im too scared to, which puts me in absolutely no position to criticise him. so i apologise for what i said.
he seems to have put alot of effort into it to make it more interesting than just the plain riding that we see. its made me think back to when i first learnt and how i didnt know about everything that could be done on a uni - i thought u just rode it and had no idea about jumps and stuff for the first few years of my riding, so he’s probably in the same situation i was at the beginning, and so without knowing much about the advanced things he has done well.
so, im sorry i was horrible, and good luck to anyone making videos - people shouldnt really slate them, because theyve done something, theyve made the video, and its better than nothing.