WORST Uni Video

I’m sitting here in the hospital with my wife who just had a baby. With Wi-Fi and lots of time, just discovered the worst unicycle video i’ve ever seen. Found it on video.google.com

Can anyone top it? LINK TO VIDEO

lol!! thats so bad its hilarious! hope this guy isnt on the forum… he needs some tips! although, im sure there will be worse!


EDIT: you guys were worse than that once …

ive got one of me falling down a mountain cus my brake failed and my friend thought it would be funny to video tape it instead of helping me but im not gonna post it

How does that video suck? He was having fun, and riding, thats what really matters, who cares if he doesnt know how to do anything really impressive.

did you watch the entire thing? and i didn’t say it sucks - said ‘worst’.

but you are right, i’ve not made a video of me yet, though done a lot of others.

why was this the first video that came up in video.google.com

Post it! Post it!

I thought it was sweet, and had charm and innocence.
Good on him, I say.

you don’t go to the movie theater and hope the actors had a good time making the movie you see, do you?

I havent gone to the movies in a while because all of them being made right now arent even worth seeing.

If it had just been the first minute, and the rest cut out, it would have been bloody amazing.

lol that may be the first uni vid i’ve seen with anything resembling a plot. the one’s i’ve seen are just tricks, but i like those better.

-EDIT- oh and congrats on the kid, too. :smiley:

that was my first video, do u guys really think it sucks?:frowning:

So your musketman?

Ill already said I dont think it sucked, I always enjoy watching videos of unicyclist who are having fun, cause to me, thats all that really matters.

naw musketman, dotn sweat wannabes like this. and that didnt suck, you were jsut starting off (if indeed you were serious that was you) and even if it wasnt you, its irrelevant. but if it is you, youre really good now, i remember you saying you can glide, and ive seen you ride stairs and stuff. this guys is a wannabee. straight up.

No! NO! NO! do actually think i made that crap? hahaha i was just kidding! that’s not my vid. The guy who made this movie was either really bored, or hasn’t been taking his pills.:wink:

haha yeah, i even sucked back then in that video! i can actually say iam good today. I will get a video camera and show u soon. hehe

I enjoyed it too. I think it’s worth remembering this was originally found on Google Video. He’s not trying to impress the people who read this forum. Probably most people who watched it were impressed by what he could do. That’s good for Unicycling in general.

he was bored so he made a vid, the reason why it got boring (to me) was only cos of lack of variation in the riding, i’m not going to knock the dude cos he aint got my skillz- i guess the concept was ok, but the seemingly endless cuts of riding the same stretch of car park began to wear a little thin, some of the shots looked pretty cool, but the lack of variety in location and riding made the vid more difficult to watch- lay off him people.

I thought the start was great, but then four minutes of just riding around dragged on a bit. It didn’t suck it was just too long.