"Worst Pedal Bite" competition!

Almost all of us have experienced pedal bite and various people have posted threads about them (yes I actually use the search feature coughmaestro8cough) but I want to see who has gotten the worst of the worst. The deadline will be July 1st, and that is when public voting begins.

The rules:

-One injury = one entry.

-You may submit as many entries as you want.

-Must be your own injury… don’t post someone else’s pictures.

-Can be anywhere on your body (but keep the pictures G-rated). If you’ve gotten pedal bite to the face, it still counts as pedal bite.

-Pictures must be in this thread or linked in this thread by July 1st, your own time zone is your own deadline.

-You may post more than one picture of the same injury, to give us different angles.

-Injuries must be from pedals.

-Try to post pictures of the injury(s) before it healed. It looks better that way.

-You may also post pictures of the leftover scars after it healed, but those pictures will not count as entries.

-You may vote for yourself when the time comes.

Winner gets a signature trophy and bragging rights. :wink:

Let’s see those bloody shins!

great idea. i am going to go see how much blood i can possibly lose from my shins.

I’m glad somebody thinks this thread is a good idea. But the idea I had in mind was not to make people go out and cut up their shins for a little sig trophy.

Eh, whatever works.

Do i have to find pictures of the old french scar leg lmao

I don’t know what you are referring to, but it sounds like it would be a good entry!

Here’s my own entries:

Entry 1:

Entry 2:

From my (not so) Good Friday thread.

Wound 1.jpg

A couple of years old now, but these post-muni photos are the best pics I can find right now;





From last summer, here’s mine. 15 stitches.

holy crap!!! Ouch! Why don’t you guys where some shin pads?

Why wear shin gaurds when you can bleed all over the place?

Hmmm… Sounds like fuuunn! Now I’m just gonna go out there and turn this world red.

Even an infinite amount of monkeys, an infinite amount of pedals and an infinite amount of calves, they still can’t spell 666 correctly!

Even 661 would have done :slight_smile:


I don’t have pictures of mine. But I do have a short video clip. It won’t officially count but I’ll post it anyways.

It’s at 3:41 of this video.


Nice vid! What song is that?

One from two weeks ago:

And one from today:

I have GOT to start wearing my 661’s when I practice. . .

I got my first pedal bite a couple of days ago. Of course, it wasn’t due to some neat trick or act of bravery. It was because I walked my shin into the pedal when the unicycle was propped up against the couch. duh!

So, my daughter just scraped her shin quite nicely. What was her first reaction?

Cry? No.
Scream? No.
Ask for a band aid? Nope.

She ran inside and asked for the camera.

“I got a Daddy booboo, so I have to do it like Daddy.” (which apparently means take pictures of it for the forums, THEN bandage.)

So, really: where are the other entries?