inexpensive knee/shin guards?

The sixsixone knee/shin guards look really nice, but I’m wondering if there are alternatives that are less expensive. I’m just getting ready to start some flatland trail riding and I won’t be doing any rock garden hopping for a while. Looking for something that will lessen the impact, but not be too bulky. I have some ice hockey leg pads, but I think they would get in the way of pedaling since they are fairly big. Thanks for any input.

Cheapest and least bulky way would be to get some football/soccer shin pads, and some cheap skateboard knee pads.

I think you’ll feel differently after you smack your shins a few times. :roll_eyes:

See this thread: "Worst Pedal Bite" competition!

I hear you, but I’m not talking about getting a $10 set that won’t do the job. :wink:

I found the following pair for about half the price of the sixsixone’s. The description mentions “pedaling” so I think they are made for mountain biking or BMX. Does anybody have a pair of these that can give an opinion? They look like they might do well for MUNI. Thanks.

You can get 661 knee guards for as little as $30 dollars when they are on special. Just keep your eyes peeled on bike sites.


IXS Hack Shin Guards. Cheap, and work a treat.

Unfortunately, everybody seems to be sold out of Medium and Large sizes for the sixsixone’s right now. Most sites are charging $50 plus shipping. Waiting for a $30 deal may take until Christmas. Not exactly a good option since I plan on riding this weekend. The $20-$30 difference may not sound like much for some of you, but since I just used most of my spending money to buy a new 24-inch Nimbus MUNI, I am gonna be tight for a while.

See this Aussie link.

Not sure of postage but the guards are $34 odd dollars,
This is a great site and often has good specials on things like hydration packs and other useful uni stuff.

Thanks for the replies. I actually solved my own problem. Found a place located on the west coast that has the medium size 661 4x4 knee/shin guards in stock and for a price of $24.95 plus $7.25 for UPS shipping. It will take a little longer to get to me on the East Coast, but not sure you can beat that price anywhere else if others are looking for the same thing. I like UDC, but they want $49.95 plus $10 to ship by UPS. Anyway, here is the link to the deal.

Alright, I might have been wrong about this. Looks like the $25 price is for the 4x4 shin pad and not the 4x4 knee/shin set that UDC is selling. Seems a little misleading to me that they would sell it in pieces like that. Oh well.

I’ve never hit my shin in all these years, but I recently upgraded to aluminum pedals with stud inserts and I’m not naive enough to think it could never happen. The pics in that thread above scared me straight.

I assume the 661s work for people - and UDC seems to be the only place that mentions sizing info. My challenge is I am tall, but have chicken legs. I assume medium is the size to go with.