"Worst Pedal Bite" competition!

Sooooo, where’s all the voting?

I was gonna post one of my pedal bite… but mine worth nothing compare to all the others here! Good job guys:p

Why 1768? Surely 1664 is a better idea - You could end up as the next Kronenbourg advertising campaign!

It’s not 1768, it’s just 768… I call it The Magic Number… I think somewhere in JC there was a countdown for something and they were all mixed up and the last number that was good was 768… something like that… I think:p

not a really bad one, but a nice one :smiley:

does it count if i broke my leg by getting it stuck between the pedal and the ground?

i vote for the thiegh one

Wow I can’t believe this thread came back. I forgot I made this. Well I think that’s a good one to vote for, but maybe we’ll be seeing new ones now that this is back up to the top.

Well, for what its worth of trying to start this up again, here’s one from Hawaii vacation last summer.(Although not directly pedal-caused)


Thats my worst, was a couple of years back, but wasn’t a nice experience, slipped once jumping, got back on rode about, tried to skip over a rope and slipped again - ouch!