Worlds Sexiest Unicyclist @ Unicon

For those of you who are in Brixen right now, just a heads up that we will be having the worlds sexiest unicycle pagent on Thursday at 7pm. This will be followed by a beer pong workshop and championships. We are looking for people that want to enter and have a chance at calling themselves “The Worlds Sexiest Unicyclist”!!! How cool would that be.

This will be a fun comp with both a female and male category. We will have several different categories which may include;
-a non-unicycle talent section (60 seconds or less) so you can show people your other talents. Maybe singing, juggling, dancing, comedy, magic, weird body moves, etc.
-answer a question (i.e. How to make the world better)
-swimsuit or sexy unicycling outfit
-sexy runway walk

If you are interesting please sign up on the main bulletin board. Meet at the main entrance. Anyone is welcome to watch or compete. Good times all around. Post here if you are interested or know someone that should enter. Spread the word.


Yeah, but what’s the point? Harper won’t be there. Winning would be such a hollow victory.


Preach it, brother.

I think “cute” or “best looking” is a better description, but regardless the terminology IMHO these girls qualify anyway.

About making the world better… I think a lot of parents and trainers and supporters and countless volunteers are silent power, impossible and pointless to rank or judge; people are so great, and it makes me so happy to see!!!


I’ve never met him, but I can hear Harper saying: “How do I look?” “How do I look?”

they win :slight_smile:

So is there an answer to this question yet? :roll_eyes:

I think its EVERYONE!!!

Jim Sowers won from the USA. It didn’t go as well as planned as we only had two males enter and no females. We did it during the public show. Maybe next Unicon it will be bigger and better.

so Jim Sowers won? whats the prize?

And where are the pics??

I hope someone took photos or video. His prize was a banner, crown and a trophy.

DANG! good prize but no pics?

They better fix this at next UNICON :smiley:

There is at least one HD file of it, but a second from another position may be lost.
So now I see for the 1st time what happened.

Plus a dinner for two.

Funny fact; that same evening I met him in the bar of a dormatory, and I served him and Olaf Schlote tea, and had a good conversation.

See below…

“Most interesting way to slice a pizza…”

After reading the long list of nominees (male and female) that was posted on the Info Wall, I never found out why only those two guys were featured in the Gala Show. Something to consider for next time.

At Unicon IX, we did a “Unicon Legs Contest”. This consisted of calling out, from the Gala Show audience, anyone who thought they had the nastiest, most beat-up legs. Whether from pedal bites, calf tracks, road rash or broken bones, we had a wide range of legs to look at, which were voted on by the audience with a hand-held “applause meter”. :slight_smile:

I think the majority of people on that list that was full of 20 male and female contestants were a joke as someone else put their name on it. Even John Foss was on it. :slight_smile: So when we tried to have the prelims we only had two people show up so we decided to postpone it until the show. The show arrived and we only had one person. We almost cancelled it out of the show but then convinced someone else to do it so at least we’d have two and a fun comp.

That best injury is always a fun one and we should try and do that at the next one. I think Galina from Denmark would have won this year.