World Record. 116.5cm by Fabian Mark


My buddy found this video.

Its at the end of the video

Check It Out

I’ve seen that before, its pretty crazy. Too bad his hand touched the pallets.

Wow! look at all those unicyclists in Hungary, I had no idea! Very cool, thanks for posting it!

116.5 cm is huge, even with the big dab of putting your hand down. So it’s the world record of sidehops with dabs?

That’s an awesome video. I haven’t seen that before.

He did touch the pallet on that jump though so idk if that’s official.

Definitely not official, though that may be in part due to lack of a way to make it “official.” Who do you go to? It should be the IUF World Records Committee, but that group hasn’t been very active and may or may not have standards and methods established yet.

This also brings up the question of whether IUF rules must be used for world record attempts. In this case there would be none, as the IUF doesn’t have an established side-hop event (yet). But for High-Jump and Long Jump does it mean record-breakers must be wearing knee, hand and head protection per IUF competition rules?

I do believe he breaks his own record and without touching.

To lazy to find it.


Your vote?

i dont think his hand was used in a way that would make it unofficial though. Its not like he pulled himself up, it simply touched the pallet. I call it amazing

I don’t think it would count in a BMX competition; touching is touching.

An amazing jump, certainly.

i think this whole IUF thing needs to loosen up and move on. He hopped 116.5 cm. yes, he may not have been wearing a helmet or wrist gaurds, and yes his hand touched the ground, but it didn’t look a dab, or like it helped him at all with the hopp.

thats just gay. all those pads are so annoying to ride with. the helmet isn’t such a big deal, only reason i don’t is cuz mine is WAY too heavy.


Impressive, although, in my opinion, to be official i think a jump should include getting into an upright position as well, and his hand most likely helped him do that.

Regardless, that was an amazing jump…Wow!

Yeah all that hard packed styrofoam makes it hard to hold up your head doesn’t it? I never ride with gloves or wrist support because I can barely lift my arms with all that stuff on.

Yeah, Fabian has my respect, he’s up there with the Bike Trials riders… I bet with some time, he will equal the Bike Trials sidehop.

From a couple minutes of looking around…

Dani Comas has a 129cm Sidehop… you know, the guy who designed the Creepy Crawler for those who are clueless as to who he is.

Are we still into the unicycling for Christ thing? All gay unicyclists go to hell, etc.?

I take it you mean your helmet? Obviously not your brain. :slight_smile:

A dab means touching something. It’s definitely a 100% dab. If he didn’t need to put his hand down he wouldn’t have. And maybe he didn’t on another jump, but I’ve just seen the one video. It seems clear he could do it without the dab. That would bring us to the measurement-on-video thing…

As for loosening up, the IUF needs to do a lot of things, like promote safety along with unicycling. Use of safety gear is a cultural thing, more prevalent in some countries than others. But when you put on competitions, it’s more important to not get sued than it is to please every rider. The IUF is going to require safety gear, at least for its own competitions.

I guess it depends on who “owns” the records, meaning who is the governing body that defines them. There are world records, Olympic records, national records, records for specific events, and so on. Our equivalent of an Olympic record, at least for now, would be a record set in a Unicon competition. It would have to include whatever gear is regulated for it to count.

So should a world record be any old thing, or should it have to meet some sort of standard? On the one hand, I’d say that Hungary is not a big country for safety gear (based on the one video I’ve seen), but they do have a guy who can hop really high. If he can make the hight (and not dab, and have a video showing both ends of the measurement in closeup), why not? On the other hand, if the IUF is to be the “keeper of the records,” should it not apply its own standards to the records it hands over to Guinness, for example? Hmmm.

I think its fine to require safety gear for competitions as long as it is the right gear. For any trials and street riding, shin guards are definitely the most important thing (at least for me) and they are the one thing not required. Shin guards should be required before knee pads are.
I think things like shin guards and helmets should be required but everything else optional (gloves and knee pads).
This is getting more off topic but why is no protection required for competition freestyle?

Because it would look stupid. :stuck_out_tongue:

In germany we made a world record list ( For this list we look if the record is fine with the IUF rules. For high jump on a pallets there is no rule so we used something similar to the high jump over the bar rules ( 2 tries, and you must be safe on the palet). Because at fluck people had 3 tries and they didnt looked on hand dabing we dont put the worldrecord from Fabian in yet. But I hope that in the nearer future somebody makes a record which is offiziell enough to go in the list.

Looking at other sports (e.g., track and field), one can see that records are acknowledged by sanctioning international federations only if they are set in sanctioned competitions that strictly adhere to the international federation’s rules under the observation and control of trained officials.

At the present time, the IUF only sanctions UNICONs. Some national federations are starting to sanction competitions that use a mixture of IUF competition rules (i.e., the rules that the national federation agree with) and national federation rules.

The IUF has an active Rules Committee with 42 voting members representing 13 countries. The long-term goal of this committee is to develop a set of competition rules that all national federations will endorse.

Until the sport reaches a point where national federations are willing to endorse and use the IUF rules in total, it will remain very difficult for the IUF to officially recognize, “world records,” that are set outside of UNICON competitions.