Who wants QR Bearing Caps?

Okay, I want them, who’s gonna step up and design some for aftermarket?

Seriously, we have carbon seat bases, frames, and disc brakes that have originated on this forum, who’s gonna step up and build these things so we can start swapping wheel sets instead of carrying a quiver of unis everywhere we go!

I’ll take three sets, make that four :slight_smile:

what’s wrong with the current design?
I think koxx had some in some CAD drawings of prototype frames, but nothing’s ever happened.
The current design is light, simple and strong enough. It isn’t even that much of a hassle to change wheels!
A way to make the whole process quicker would be to get some kind of ratcheting allen key?
I just find a bit silly :stuck_out_tongue:

Wouldn’t mind some aftermarket ones, new uni parts are always good- it would be easier if you get a flat on the trail aswell, especially in bad weather when fixing punctures is a pain in the backside.

@ Ali- I’ve got a stubby ratchet screwdriver and some allen screwdriver bits! puts in camelbak Great idea!

As long as the quick release is strong and light… it will have a few advantages over the current design.

  • Quicker and easier to change wheels
  • No messing with tools
  • No worry about crossing a thread if changing wheels while rushed
  • You don't have to make sure the threads are all clean [/LIST] All of this seems arbitrary based on current uni use but if we look to the future, with the advent of disc mounts on frames..... one frame can fit a variety of wheelsets. Presumably, one would be changing wheels much more often and these little annoyances may become bigger and more problematic; a QR bearing holder fits right in with this evolution. Imagine this...... having a pack that can carry your 24" wheelset, riding to the trails on a 29" Guni, changing wheels, locking up the 29" wheel at the trailhead, riding a bit of Muni, change wheels again and ride home..... all on your uni :D
  • A few years back I hade a mtb downhill fork that had a quick release set up for a 20mm through axle that would work. One side fixed with a threaded bolt the same as we currently use except the bearng holder is hinged and on the other side a QR threaded into a pin that rests in a slotted cradle on the fork leg.

    I am trying to locate a picture, can’t remember if it was a Zoke or a RS, but will keep looking.

    Jim Roberts made some a few years back; I’ve got one uni with them. His design works fine, but he never moved into the manufacturing stage.

    I’d love to see pics :smiley:

    I have thought of QR brackets too, but I thought it would be too easy to over-tighten them and ruin your bearings.
    Not sure.

    I think quick release bearings would be awesome!

    I just don’t see how hard it would be to swap wheels at the beginning of a ride anyway, just get a better tool for the job, it wouldnt take more than 5 minutes surely! :slight_smile:


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    It would be a welcome improvement IMHO. I have no trouble with my Nimbus or Torker but my KH bearing holders come loose all the time. Once you got it right you wouldn’t have to fuss with the tension every time you took your wheel off.

    Here’s a good example from a few years ago:

    I had a QR bearing holder once on my Trials uni, I had a Bedford Trials frame (Nimbus I) and it worked well. I just couldn’t find the other bolt for the bearing holder so I put an old QR bolt. If you dont have nuts with the little plastic in it, it works even with the bolt and a QR thing, but it’s probably not as fast as only the QR.

    I’d rather just have the “normal” bolts on it. It takes my less than 5 minutes to change a tire on my trials uni (including pumping the tire).

    Looks like jaco_flans isn’t buying one; I’ll buy an extra one to make up for him :wink:
    Seriously, this isn’t something I would ever consider for a trials uni. This is for muni and especially for people with disc brakes and frames that can accommodate multiple wheels.

    I can see the advantages if you have a few wheels for a single frame, it could be a great thing also for traveling if you only have 1 frame with a few more wheels. I wouldn’t consider one since I’m mostly riding Trials and Street, neither for Muni though. I almost never take any of my frames off though so it doesn’t matter to me :stuck_out_tongue:

    QR Bearing caps is the way to go for XC Muni and Uni Racing!


    I did ask Dmitry (Triton) about sum idea’s I have had for a few years, But cost’s stopped Me

    Maybe on My next Uni??


    Pete G…

    QR Realized

    Been following this thread, and came across this picture in DirtRag Magazine.
    Looks a bit like a quick release bearing. No spec info about diameter though. What came first, This thread discussion, or the concept realized :slight_smile: