Who wants QR Bearing Caps?

Oooohhh! I like that design. This would have to be built into a frame and thus would not be available as an upgrade but it solves the QR on the bottom problem.


Hey Ben,
Lobby here, You gave me a great Idea. Let’s me and you not wear our threads out taking caps on and off! Me PM you, We laugh, get serious and think! maybe put it out on the forum.


Hey guys. Put me in for 2-3 sets :slight_smile:

Say it ain’t so MR. “T”

I Think it could easily be an add-on to existing frames!


That would be the most logical way to make it. One could probably make it better and sexier by designing it into a frame, but that would leave out a lot of us.

I wonder if it could be done with something similar to the Magura QR bolts used with Evo mounts. They have a special bolt with an “hourglass” shaped head that the QR lever grips onto. See attached picture. They lock on very securely (I trust them to hold the brakes on my tandem) so I reckon something along those lines would work for replacing the normal bolts on bearing caps. You’d either need to replace both bolts with QR ones (and have two levers per cap, but it could be used with normal frame and bearing caps) or have a hinge at one end.



What happens if you smack your caps on a rock?..

If it’s designed well… The same thing that would happen if you smacked the current design on a rock… Not much :slight_smile:

I suppose, it just sounds a little sketchy to me, I like knowing that the caps are set firmly and won’t move. But perhaps if I were in the position of needing to change to multiple tire sizes quickly I might think differently.

@ Everyone.

I find all this talk about the advantages of QR bearings a bit silly. No one I know who rides serious XC or DH would willingly lug another whole wheelset on their back and then change on a trail.

I even doubt how many people would regularly change their wheel at home before a ride (That is why we have different unicycles in the first place!). Using your beautifully made triton triple frame with a 20" wheel is more of a compromise than having a spare alu or steel one that fits it ALL THE TIME.

@Tirving- If you want versatility like you described here…

Imagine this… having a pack that can carry your 24" wheelset, riding to the trails on a 29" Guni, changing wheels, locking up the 29" wheel at the trailhead, riding a bit of Muni, change wheels again and ride home… all on your uni

  • but without the hassle of dragging most of another uni along just get a schlumpf and stick it in a 24" or 26. I regularly ride 50-100km muni rides on my 24" schlumpf with 125s. If i’m really craving adjustability i can move the cranks to 150 but since i have got used to 125s that has not happened once.

Trust me people- if you ride because you love riding, instead of loving collecting expensive and rare equipment, the last thing you want to do is interrupt your time out on the trail by having to stop pedalling and fiddle. Get the best thing to suit most of your riding and with time it will do.

As a few people mentioned i would have concerns about crushing the bearings with to much, or letting them slip with too little pressure. This is more important if you are running a geared set up.


Well, the authority has spoken, it’s all silly folks… nothing to see here… we can close this thread.

Who wants to use a 20" wheel with their Triton Ti frame? Now that’s silly…
Using a 26" large marge/larry set-up vs a 29" XC set-up is the same rolling diameter (or close) and therefore makes MUCH more sense to have one frame that can accomodate both wheels. Since the same frame can accomodate a 24" 3.0 set-up… than it seems like a good thing right? Check out the posts of turtle’s triple Ti frame with 3 wheelsets; go ahead and tell him he’s silly and that he just wants to accumulate a bunch of expensive uni gear, he really doesn’t love riding and he’s not be as hardcore and legit as you.

Also, I never really wanted to carry a whel with me on the trail but I would entertain riding my uni on the road to the trails and switch wheels. I have been in a few places where this seems feasable, I would carry the road wheelset; I’d lock it up. This would all be for fun, this is why we ride… right? It would be kind of an epic uni day to road ride and Muni all in the same trip; at least for me… but I’m probably just silly and I can’t truly love riding [SARCASM].

Bottom line: this could be useful, not expensive and useless; if it’s designed correctly, it could work and make some of our lives easier. There are always going to be those who ask “why?” for those people… this doesn’t make sense. For those of us that want something like this, as long as someone is willing and able to design it, how about we let the market determine if it’s useful or not? I’m not going to spend tons of money on one but I will spend some money on it. If that makes me less of a unicyclist in anyone’s eyes…you don’t have to ride with me :wink:

You forgot “No soup for you!” :wink:

Indeed I did … Neither soup nor unicycling for me!

Those tritons are really bad-ass, I hope my riding evolves to the point where a system like that would be beneficial to me. Are you getting one soon? Or still trying?

As soon as Jogi finds one for me… I’m buying it. But doing so means I really don’t love unicycling :smiley:
Seriously, I should have bought one a while back but wanted to wait until the disc system was up and running; oh well, you snooze, you lose. C’mon Jogi! Find me a triple frame with disc mounts. :astonished:
I really love the large marge rims (24" and 26") and am loving the Larry tire on the 26" wheel. At 205+ lbs, I really like the wider, heftier rims. So far, the surly uni frame (no longer made) and the Triton triple mount are the only frames that can take the large marge rim and Larry tire.


I was reading through the whole thread because QR bearing holders are something I want to make on my next custom uni frame. I thought it was silly and useless, but now, since I have a disk brake, I think it would be awesome.

I’m using the same frame for multiple wheels so I dont have to buy 3 disk brake, I run my disks on the outside because I ride a Schlumpf hub on one of my wheels, the disk is always in the way making the wheelswap long and hard when using a small multitool. Yes, I could buy a long 5mm allen key and it would make it easier. I dont always have the time to change my wheels, that would solve the problem.

I’ll be making a set of QR bearing holders to use on my 29er frame (for my 29er wheel, my 650B geared wheel and my DH 26x3" wheel) in the next weeks hopefully. I’ll keep you guys updated on that!