who invented the unicycle

i did a bit of searching and still cant find it i just wanna no who invented the very first unicycle like his name where he came from and like wha the first unicycle looked like any help would be well appreciated

i think that people on penny farthings invented it by leanoing forward and taking the little wheel of the ground

It is commonly believed that the unicycle was invented when riders of penny farthings, the bicycles with a huge front wheel and a small rear one of the late 19th century, hit bumps and the rear wheels came up off the ground. Some riders are said to have figured that they can ride on one wheel and so removed the rear one altogether.

Unicycles are thought to be decended from penny farthing bicycles in the late 1800s. Riders apparently found they didn’t need the back wheel all the time, and eventually started riding without it at all, probably as a stunt of sorts. Because it came as a sort of evolution, it might be impossible to pin-pont the first unicycle to a particular person or date.

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I’ve heard the same with the invention of the unicycle. Interesting. Though we don’t really know any one person that did, i’m glad they did. ha. laters

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Theres another theory that 2 teenagers were riding there bikes and the front wheel snapped off over a few days they learnt to ride there new bike with only one wheel

this theory is much less believed than the penny farthing one, they are both on the internet

Who manufactured the first trials unicycle, the first I saw was the original ONZA one

The unicycle was invented by Yevgeny Cyclos, a man of Greek and Russian parentage who came to America in the 1860s. Known as Yuni to his friends, he teamed up with his future wife, Penelope Cyclos (nee Farthing) in an act where the two-wheeler they were riding (invented by Penny herself) broke apart, forming two single-wheeled contraptions which the couple decided to name after Yuni. The “Yuni Cyclos” was not the instant hit they expected it to be, even after their manager rechristened it the “Uni-cycle” (the hyphen was later dropped as being unAmerican). The couple died paupers and in relative obscurity.

Yevgeny Cyclos’s half-brother, Hans Cyclos, achieved prominence as a master plumber. In fact, his initials are seen on faucets nationwide to this day.

I hope this helps.

There is a theory of the origin of life called panspermia, that all genetic material is transported to earth (and other planets) via bacteria on comets, thus life can arrise multiple times and in great diversity on one planet w/o evolution as the sole source of variation.

Likewise, I believe that unicycles are used for intergalactic travel and have been distributed throughout the universe this way. The younger generation of hopping unicyclists are beginning to demonstrate that the unicycle has a capacity for aerial feats. Finally, when unicyclists and astronauts are one in the same, we will experience the next great achievements of bipedal life on earth: introduction of the Coker and mUni to extraterrestrial life.

hay look what i found http://members.bib-arch.org/nph-proxy.pl/000000A/http/www.basarchive.org/bswbSearch.asp=3fPubID=3dBSBA&Volume=3d22&Issue=3d4&ArticleID=3d9&UserID=3d0&

That is incredible. I want to see a better picture. That’s a REAL BC wheel!

Now I wonder if the feet are offset or on axis like what we call a BC wheel. Is there a seat?

This is conclusive evidence that unicycles came from outer space. Well, maybe not, but at least I had enough sense not to vote for Bush.

Here’s a link to better pictures. Apparently these portrat female figures on wheels.


Looks like the axle goes through the ankles. This can be assumed to be a peg below the axle, or an anatomical setup that involves messing up the rider’s feet. I remember seeing a picture of those figures before, but the accompanying text was in German. Nice to be able to read about it!

There have been many claimants over the years, though most were in the 1870-1905 range. I think most of the claimants were entertainers, so they had a financial stake in being credited. But the first actual riders were probably cycling enthusiasts and not necessarily entertainers, other than in showing off their new skill.

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I’ve only heard the penny farthing theory.