What's on your uni-wishlist?

I was playing with the UDC wishlist feature (I got a little carried away…)

But I thought it would be fun to do your unicycle-wishlist. Just has to be uni-related. You can get as carried away and ridiculous as you like.

I’m gonna keep it simple to start. For instance, some of the main uni-related things that I think I could put to good use without spending large amounts of $$$ are:

  1. 36er ISIS, brakes
  2. 125/150mm dual-hole moments
  3. 137mm moments with rollos
  4. 24" frame with brakes
  5. Spooner
  6. KH street saddle
  7. GoPro HD cam and mounts
  8. Nice pair of muni and street shoes
  9. Ankle guards (NOT a brace)
  10. Speedplay Drillium pedals.
  11. Another Hope QR collar

you know, thinking about what you want makes you want it more O:-) thus, I will opt out on this one

Oh I’m a list person. I like to make lists about everything. This one is a useful list because it’s things that are practical that I can work towards. You don’t see a 26" Guni with disk brakes and a carbon fiber seat base on there :wink:

Why not? But actually my current fav would be a 29er with Schlumpf, triton frame and disk brake :slight_smile:
But a good helmetcam would be appreciated too :slight_smile:

26 KH MUni with moments
36er isis
Some maggies

New longneck KH20 with echo TR pedals, and Ti hub.

A KH24 with Ti hub

A KH26 guni with a nice 2.5 tyre

A KH29, may as well make that a guni as well!

A KH36, yea why not- guni.

And all with CF bases

Back to reality…

I dunno, a set of pedals I suppose

Some warm weather.

A ride in the country with Miss Ayelery.


ohh and a mad4one hub

the whole shop! :stuck_out_tongue: I used to make wishlists, but I know I wont have all of it soon so I stoped… :slight_smile:

To get a geared BC wheel, and a fixed geared Schlumpf! :smiley:

Schlumpf hubs are fixies.

But fixies only have a single speed, Schlumpf has 2 gears :wink:

-koxx one bzh saddle

-oddessy jc/pc pedals

-some paint

-BC wheel? (maybe)

Fixie refers to the non-freewheeling drive train, not being fixed into one gear. It happens that multi-gear, not-freewheeling, drive trains are hard to make so they’re damned rare.

I have been fortunate enough to get most of the things that have been on my wishlist a long time so now it is more just odds and ends.

My wishlist:
29x2.4 Ardent
26x3.7 Larry
Nice hydraulic calliper and lever (I have the disk already)
Bearing cap disk calliper mount (then another calliper and lever, obviously)
26x50mm Uma II in 36h drilling
strong, light, wide, low-profile pedals
good MTB riding boots.

One of these days I’d really like to get a proper Trials unicycle. The one I have was discarded by Chris Reeder in 2002; needless to say it wouldn’t be considered a Trials at all by today’s standards. And the tire fell apart so I can’t bend the cranks or break its Suzue hub anyway…

I’d also like a decent Ultimate Wheel and a nice Bedford BC Wheel. The ones I have are kind of pre-historic. :slight_smile:

And I think it would be fun to have a walking machine; one of those giraffes that you pedal, and it drives two legs that walk. And one of those self-balancing, electric unicycles to play around with. And a 24" or 26" KH Schlumpf for the dirt. And, and…

a trials bc wheel sounds fun!

Is this a fantasy wish list or something we might actually be able to get w/in say, the next year?

A BC wheel has no way of being powered (except for gravity and your foot on the ground like a skateboard) and therefore no need of gears.