What's on your uni-wishlist?

Whatever you want it to be =)

A realistic update:

I need a KH freeride saddle, a seatpost, and a QR collar for my 29 I’m building. That’s all it needs to be complete! I had to steal a seat and a post off my 24 for it haha

Likely: a 24" Nimbus Muni frame to replace the broken one on my DX (using a LX frame atm).

KH 24 frame (use it on my DX for street, and spare Muni)

KH 24 geared Muni w/ Magura brakes, and 165/137 cranks, drilled for less weight
KH trials longneck w/ Impact Everest cranks and Ti hub.
Both w/ CF seat bases, and Echo Ti TR pedals

Oh man I totally forgot about the GUWII, too bad the pics disappeared from the Gallery. I might have to dig them up and re-post.

My wishlist - updated and re-organized:

Nice hydraulic calliper and lever (I have the disk already)
26x50mm Uma II in 36h drilling
strong, light, wide, low-profile pedals
26x3.7 Larry
Bearing cap disk calliper mount (then another calliper and lever, obviously)
good MTB riding boots.
29x2.4 Ardent
And for the postal system to hurry up (waiting for a GUni)

EDIT: and for Surly to make a 29x3.7 Larry assuming I like the 26" version. :slight_smile:

Haha, I didn’t think I needed to include a :wink: and/or a :stuck_out_tongue: when I posted that. I guess I should have! :smiley:

Wish list

I’d like to get more time to ride. Where can I shop for that?

How about a UDC on every corner, like Starbucks?! It’d be nice to have them close by, so you could just walk in and get what you need, when you need it, without waiting or paying for for shipping. They need UDC franchises! One in every city! Yeah with so many people clambering to buy unis, that would be a great business investment! I can see unis flying off the shelves and you couldn’t keep them in stock! :roll_eyes: Well, maybe one day in the [distant] future. But by then, we will have probably evolved into pure energy! :sunglasses:

+1 (i’ve got already a perfect muni-, trial-, street- and road uni)

My wish list:

> Ti hub for my 26"
> Schlumph equipped wheel set for my 26"
> 110mm moments
> A pump track and a trials area in my backyard
(…which is the size of a portaloo so this one is fantasy he he :roll_eyes: )
> To be the best muni rider in the universe (guess what category that fits in!;))


My wish list:

  • A 36er (in the works)
  • A KH trials
  • Eventually some brakes for my muni

I really wish:

Surly Muni
A friend to uni with here in Augusta!

Up dated list.

  1. 26x3 muni with a kh seat and brakes
  2. 36er isis
  3. isis hub.
  1. KH Trial (scheduled for June)
    Not necessarily in that order:
  2. 24" Muni with Schlumpf hub (no funding)
  3. 36" XC with Schlumpf hub and disc brakes (no funding)

I’d also like to test a Triton frame.

Visiting this place makes me dream of expensive things.

Fusion Freeride Air Saddle.
I’m big on distance riding.

I wish:

for more time to ride
for more endurance when I ride
for more riding buddies

and a three speed disc brake compatible Schlumph :slight_smile:

when i get a new muni you will have me!