What things can you do while riding on your Uni?

Right now I am typing on my laptop while riding my unicycle.
What other things can you do while riding your uni?

I know your full of questions, but you don’t have to make a thread every two days. Just add on to another thread.


Cook dinner on my hibachi, play my guitar, do needlepoint, juggle 3 tennis balls, 2 apples (taking a bite out of each one as I juggle) and lit torch, and of course do tre flips, 720 unispins and grind a 16 set. I know that’s not very impressive, but I’ve only been riding for 2 days! :roll_eyes:

BAHAHAHAHAHA. that’s the biggest/funniest load of bs i’ve ever seen!:stuck_out_tongue:

Well, I can do stuff like, street, trials, muni, freestyle, that kind of thing, all while riding. (Not all at once though)

I was proud when I mastered chewing gum while Cokering. Nothing to it now. I should make a video. :wink:

i could ride with my eyes closed and kill my self at the time.:smiley:

I just mastered waving and talking while on uni. Next I am gonna try turning and riding at the same time.

A consensus favorite is eating while on the uni
(doughnuts or granola bars mid-ride).

On my way home from work today I sorted through my wallet while riding.

There’s lots of things due to free hands…

Umm…I read book while riding once but I don’t recommend this in even low traffic areas.

Playing a trombone waaay out of tune, a flute a little bit more in tune but I can’t play very many notes or very quickly on a flute…

I can tie my shoelace while on my trials uni, but the seat’s too high on my other unis and I can’t tie a shoelace while doing a seat drag.

Stretch your arms and neck, wrists, then one ankle at a time.

The levels over 10 were already mentioned, so let’s see…
You can do everything that so many people do so stupidly in their cars.

You can act like a monkey and get funny looks.

Drink a slurpee.

I folded some (slightly sloppy) origami models once, nothing harder than a purist peace-sign(like this one)

I tried to fold a manswatter

but it turned out badly.

I looked wore 3d anaglyph glasses on my uni once, it’s freaky cause they mess with your depth perception soo much.

Ok, this is getting boring and I don’t really feel like writing a book called “A Thousand Things You Can Do on a UNICYCLE” so I think I’ll call this a post.

are you holding it in one hand and typing with one hand?

i juggle 3 clubs while playing the harmonica in a holder, in tune.

I can sing whilst wearing headphones when I am riding my Uni (although not in tune, I have never been able to sing in tune and am infact almost tone deaf).

It is something I would never consider doing normally but having broken one social convention by riding with the wrong number of wheels, breaking another one doesn’t seem so difficult.

i can pee while riding backwards :slight_smile:

I just learned how to lode a hand gun while riding.

I can fall down.

Wow, I really chose the wrong site for getting images…


I can ride my MUni like a bat outta H##L down a bumpy singletrack…while holding a camcorder to get killer pov!:):stuck_out_tongue: :sunglasses: :smiley:

I can catch up on all my telephone calls. Still cannot look up in the sky and raise my arms over my head to each side while riding my coker. Throws my balance way off!

I can ride and juggle three rocks, 3 throws per rock is my best so far.
I thought I would lose my balance more than I did.

I can poop while riding. I just stand up on the pedals/seat and let nature take it course.

Also i can burp real loud and eat at the same time while riding. :stuck_out_tongue: