What things can you do while riding on your Uni?

I can eat… very useful, and shake up milkshakes :smiley:

Do you think you could live a whole day without getting off your uni?

My challenge tomorrow :p.

Maybe taking a dump will be tricky. :astonished:

Solve a Rubik’s cube!:smiley:

“…to seek out new lines, and new technical trails! To boldly go where no bike has gone before!” :sunglasses:

I can play dueling banjos on a banjo while riding my unicycle. no joke… ill get you guys a picture.

It’s been done…we played that song on our unis, lol! I made this video almost exactly 2 years ago, 8/11/06. One of the first bits I came up with. I threw in a couple more comedy bits that were fun to do, and got a couple mtbers who were happy to play along. :slight_smile:

Lol, no need for the link. i already know about the video, and i thought it was funny. now, can you tell me the exact band that is playing deliverance?

i can shoot a bow and arrow too… and a gun, and kick people, and and and… there are a lot of things…

Have you tried hacky sack? iv done that one.

touch my mouth, my arm, my leg, my ear, my right ear, my hair, my eye, my other eye, my eyelashes, my eyebrows, my skin, my belly, my back, my other arms. I can clap, hit people, throw things, juggle, set my hands on fire, wave, talk, read, shoot rubber bands, hold a bird, hold a duck, hold a rabbit, hold a dog, hold a cat, eat cake, eat DODO nuts, eat apples, swing knives, pull out my hair, suck my finger, suck my other mungers, hold on the frame, take my shirt off, take my hat off, take my beanie off, use a whip, throw dishes, eat chocolate, ride through windows and when it breaks catch a piece of glass, create a ball of dough, cook spaghetti, throw a boomerang, throw a fire lighter into a possum, eat play do but it tastes bad, use a wooden spoon to mix things, juggle 2 gum nuts, juggle 3 balls, attempt to juggle 4 on it, take videos, take pictures, type on my laptop, watch portable dvd players, fling cards at beehives, drink wine, drink more wine, throw darts, bowl bowling balls, turn a light switch on, tuna lite switch off, smack a tennis racket over someones head and choke em, eat tuna, throw tuna, look at tuna, cut up a banana, fiddle with a remote, use a remote, roll some dice, roll 6 dices, roll 9.5 dices, play monopoly but not very goodly, roll tyres onto the road into cars then they crash and die, make figures from clay and play do, diablo, poi, shout at the road for no reason, carry things,lift one leg up and hold it for .5 seconds, use my 20Q, play my game boy and some other stuff…

These are so me of the things that i can do.

Has anyone rode a unicycle on a skateboard before? :thinking:

'cause I think it’s do-able. :roll_eyes:

I was trying today. It’s alot harder than riding a unicycle on a scooter, which anybody with 5 minutes can do. That said. Me + few months = New Tony Hawk. :smiley:


(click on mr. smiley)

i can eat, touch the ground with my hand( SI ), say Helloww, solve a rubik’s cube (from 1X1X1 to 5X5X5), kill myself, play ukulele, and a lot more!:smiley:

funny thing … me too… only i can do them all at the same time…

oh and your mom…

i can do all of your moms while riding a unicycle…

all at the same time

because I am that awesome

cane freestyle

(There are 3 uni clips in the video).

That was pretty sick.

magazine or revolver?


Is 1 foot riding a skinny two of those at once?

I think I only learnt to play the pipes after this thread?
It’s all so long ago.

But yeah, I can play the bagpipes while riding the unicycle.