UniGeezer: "Uni-Bomber"

Something’s “fisheye” around here, lol! :stuck_out_tongue:

Just trying out my new lens this morning on the trail, and wow, it’s sure tricky holding the camcorder for pov while bombing it down a steep, loose/shaly singletrack! At times I was riding at 90% speed while holding the cam, hunched over and trying to keep things smooth and on track for the best angles. The results were better than I expected!:slight_smile:

In some shots it almost looks like somebody was filming from behind so I’m pretty happy with how much is in view! A few drops here and there too. Fun times! Also the “catch of the day” caught on film! :slight_smile:

Hope you enjoy. Having made over 100 videos, I had a hard time trying to find a song I hadn’t used before, but I finally decided on a Linkin Park song that I heard for the first time while searching around, and I really like!

As you probably know, I make these videos especially for everybody here at our uni forum, so it would be great to hear your comments!:smiley:

Sweet video. do you know what kind of snake that was that you grabbed?:smiley: :thinking:

No more Linkin Park >.<

Other than that, great vid, especially the camera angles.

Thanks. Haha, the song’s new to me. (I’m old…:o )It just seemed to have the right amount of energy without being too overbearing, and I liked the way it kicks in when the riding starts!:smiley:

Thanks. It was a common garter snake. I’m waiting to see a mountain king snake! Those are so cool looking and make great pets too.:slight_smile:

Nice video man! Your getting really good at controlling that camera as you ride! Kudos to you!

nice vid. nice prius.:smiley: what’s with the pressure guage??? :thinking:

Do you watch the news? “Problem solved productions”
It is Obama’s energy plan…

Nice vid. I can’t believe that was you filming and riding all that stuff at once!
Very enjoyable, I hope you keep making more videos.

Haha, Obama suggested that people should inflate their car tires more and get “tuneups” to help offset the high price of gas instead of drilling. Actually I do make sure my tires are at 42psi front, 40psi rear. That’s 2psi short of the sidewall max cold pressure, and does indeed create less rolling resistance, thus increasing mpg. Just not sure it’s going to be taken seriously as a viable, long-term energy solution, lol. I was just poking a little fun at it that’s all. :slight_smile:

You know, with over 100 videos, if you used a song you’ve used before, as long as it isn’t from your last 20 videos, I don’t think anyone (cept the anal retentive) would really know. I don’t dig Linkin Park as much as I used to. I would think “That old pair of jeans” from Fatboy Slim would be a good pick to ride to. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OJsAMXxtDWQ I know its a juggling video, but it gives you an idea of the energy of the song. (plus, its a bad ass video, too)

Awesome riding! Not a big fan of the fisheye, but it works as it kinda sets the video apart from the rest. Nice control and I’m pulling for ya to get a king snake, those look like an awesome pet!

And if you need the song, send me a PM with your email and I can send it to ya. That goes for anyone else who wants it.

You really like them snakes (for example http://www.unicyclist.com/index.php?page=gallery&g2_view=core.ShowItem&g2_itemId=198707 you crazy crazy man)

Good riding though, especially filming all that by yourself.

Awesome, never get sick of watching ur videos

Was that snake a red-belly-black? It looked like a baby but i didn’t think you guys had them over there?

great vid, the camera angles were cool… especially the one where it looked like the camera was going around you at 1.50. That looked cool.

Oh nice catch there too… good luck catching the other one lol!

I wasn’t sure why you were waving around a tooth brush :slight_smile: oh wait, pressure guage. no I still dont get it.
nice job riding like a gerbil and filming at the same time.
fish eye is interesting sometimes, but dont over do it.
good song… suits the video well.
oh now I get it.

Great video. That holding the camera out and filming yourself while riding worked well. Watched it with my first cup of coffee this morning, the music and the riding provided a pleasant start to the day.

Those dogs were funny. Nice catch there.

Thanks for the video Terry!

Haha, that’s unique observation! I ride like a “gerbil”, lol!

Thanks Ken, yeah those dogs are there a lot, but that’s the first time I saw them both carrying the same stick, lol!:stuck_out_tongue: (I’m really out of the loop with newer music, but that song just sounded good from the get-go. I normally just stay with stuff I know…OLDIES haha!:o)

Thanks for all the comments so far everybody! :slight_smile:

Mighty fine Terry … enjoyed the trip with ya’!
Offa the Topic but what du hay …Does that brake help you on the trail???
Another Mature Fellow

I’m pretty sure it was a garter snake. Lot’s of 'em done there since there’s a lot of water. Oh, also saw a HUGE diamond back rattler at another local trail; just sunning himself and didn’t even rattle when I got fairly close. Just looked at me like, “you don’t scare me pal!” lol. Then just slithered casually back into the bushes.:stuck_out_tongue:

PS: I got a tip from Brian O. to maybe zoom in just a tad so the “barrel” of the fisheye won’t be seen. I tested doing that a few min ago and it seems to work, but it does reduce the amount of what you get in view. But I’ll try doing that next time I shoot footage. Anybody else have tips for using a fisheye lens? Thanks! :slight_smile:

(Sorry to thread jack) Edit: Sorry it was not a garter snake. It was a “ring-necked” snake. There are many variations, but it fits the description to a tea, like the way the tail curls up like a corkscrew, the slender size and color, and their small.