UniGeezer: "Uni-Bomber"

Loved the lens in the video. I think I will be investing in one at some point.

In the uk we don’t rally get too many snakes. In fact I don’t think Iv’e ever seen one here thats not in a zoo.

Thanks. I’m going to try doing some more filming using the fisheye slightly zoomed and with the cam attached to a longer tripod, then try riding my coker and getting all kinds of cool angles from all sides! Plus I’ll try for a full 360 pan! I’ll post later today!

Great video Terry, BUT…I don’t even have to say anything about the music…you know…you know :slight_smile:

Hmm, no, I don’t know lol. :slight_smile: Like I mentioned before, I know very little about current music, except that I don’t really like hip hop, rap, or screamo stuff for my videos, so I usually just go with classic stuff that [hopefully] appeals to all age groups and is recognizable and well known.

I just like fun music without a really overpowering vocal that can detract from the video.
I feel the music should “compliment” the video, not be the main focus. Sometimes it’s hard finding the right song, and then, of course, not everybody likes the same thing anyway, so in the words of Ricky Nelson:“Ya can’t please everyone so ya, ya gott please yourself”.:slight_smile:

Nice video as always Terry, I’m impressed you managed to hold the camera so steady - was it connected to a tripod?

I like fish eye lens for some shots but not so much for a whole video especially on the POV.

And no skateboarding and dancing?

This video was more about experimenting with the fisheye lens, but I used it specifically with the POV effect in mind. Without the lens, you would see much less, and thus not be as interesting, imo. It just allows so much more in view that otherwise would not be seen.

I used a very small “mini” tripod that is easy to take along and fit in my backpack. It has a velcro strap which comes in habdy if you want to mount the camera in a tree of something, and also around my hand so I won’t drop it during the POV!:slight_smile:


A winner once again Terry, Love the tire pressure gauge comment, that just goes to show…

More tunes with Cowbells, we need more cowbells…

Thanks! Now if I can just find a time machine to take me back to those ancient times when cars needed “tune-ups”, I’ll be all set! :wink:

I got a feva! And the only prescription, is more fisheye!!

Yes…but this song has been used in many, many unicycling videos before. It’s not that you don’t have right to use whatever song you want, you do, but it’s been played out both in uni videos and on the radio.

And it’s Linkin Park…

I know, I know, personal preference blah blah, but I could happily live without ever hearing another song by Linkin Park.

That being said, I really did like the video and it’s fast-paced feel.

Thanks. That’s weird I don’t remember hearing that song before, in a uni video or otherwise; and I’ve watched TONS of uni vids. Oh well, they say the memory is one of the first things to go when you get older! :o