what shoul i get ?

hi i was woundering what hub i should get ive ben loocking at 2 and i dount no withch 1 i should get the tipe of ryding i do is manly street and Trials

1 Kris Holm ISIS Moment Crank & Hub Set


#2 Qu-Ax MUni & Trials Hub & Crankset

thx fore ur help… tim

I’d say the moment hub/ cranks.

170s would be a bit long for street… they would give you a lot of torque for trials but you wouldnt be able to do more than a half a rotation. Id go with teh KH even if the Qx came in the right size because they are lighter and stronger.

get the moment hub.
and lace to this rim. Best wheel ever imo.

Pay the extra and get the KH.

Plus those qu-axs only come in 170… which is really really long and would suck for street and going places in general (assuming you are using a 20").

yeah you wouldnt go anywhere and it would be imposible to turn at all.

Yeah, the moment is only 11$ more, definitely get it.

Qu-Ax is 48 Hole…

Most trials rims are 32/36 Hole. Of which 32 is bike only.


A 32 hole isis hub would be awesome, unlimited rim choice.

What is the debate about. Screw both those options and get the first and best ISIS hub from KOXX-1. Get the cranks any lenght you want and get them delivered to the States from Division8 in Canada and save on the exchange. The Kris Holm Moment hub is really just a KOXX knock off and for a few extra bucks, you get a whey beefier set of cranks.

hey thx gies for all ur help :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

yea, but KH is ISIS, which Koxx is not…

moment cranks and hubs are lighter and like the guy said, qx only comes in 170’s and that’s too long for every day stuff unless you’re on a 24’’.


How the heck do you figure that a KOXX-1 ISIS hub and cranks is not ISIS, but a Kris Holms knock off ISIS is. Is it more ISIS because Kris says so. I am pretty sure that ISIS sets out a pretty rigid set of standards to call anything truely ISIS.
o some research and show me where it says that a KOXX-1 ISIS hub is NOT ISIS.

Theres been some discussion once the KH ISIS cranks and hub and the Koxx hub and cranks.

Because they are ISIS, all ISIS cranks would fit onto them, that being said, people have took other ISIS cranks and put them onto the KH ISIS hub. They fit perfectly, just like they should, because they are both ISIS.

Then, people have tried doing the same with the Koxx ISIS hub, but no other cranks fit them except for their own Koxx Isis cranks. Then some other people have measured and found out, that the Koxx crank and hubs are of a different measurement of all other ISIS components out there.

I think all of this is discussed in the later pages of this KH thread.

well… I think koxx and KH simply have different interpretations of ISIS.

but the fact is that most people follow KH’s version and so Koxx ISIS is annoying. DOnt get me wrong I’ve just ordered a koxx red devil, i am defo not anti koxx LOL.

I think its quite sad that makes cant decide wot ISIS unicycle cranks are, and make all isis cranks fit all ISIS hubs. I’m sure the difference isnt that big!

Hey, does UDC ship to the US off their UK site? I’m thinking about getting a Koxx hub/crankset.

they do but you have to get a quote, by phoning them up i guess.

or email them or sommit

but https://www.einradladen.net/ will ship to USA for 32 euros. So thats abit more than $32. They have the koxx isis hub and cranks (dan heaton + normal ones)

Qu-ax is to heavy and the KH moment cranks are flatter and so better for flatland tricks.
I tested it :stuck_out_tongue: