KH 2007 Products- details & info are here

Hi All,

Finally- here are some details of the 2007 KH products coming out very soon. The R&D for 2007 has been going on for a long time and I’m really happy to finally see this stuff available.

Here’s a summary:

New gloves: redesigned to have better fit in the fingers, less seams for durability, a cooler, better ventilated back fabric, an improved wrist wrap position, more comfortable cuff without Velcro, and gel padding in the palms.

Two new saddles:
Fusion Street: super slim with the lowest available profile for street, trials and freestyle. Gel and the fusion removable cover are standard.
Fusion Freeride: cushy and comfortable for muni and distance riding. This saddle has a very gentle curvature to reduce pressure at the front, and has cushy, double density foam and a centre cutaway to reduce pressure in the middle.

Stronger double bolt seatpost clamp. Should’ve done that a long time ago…

Improved frame. Better positioned gussets under the fork crown are slightly lighter and increase clearance without raising the crown. Same stiff 7005 Aluminum.

Improved rims. 19” and 24” rims are now 47mm wide (were 42mm). Eyelets and super high quality 7005H-T6 Aluminum are standard. Drilled holes are sized to leave enough metal around the eyelets for strength.

New KH ISIS Moment Hub and Crankset.
Cranks: These are ISIS spline and were designed in collaboration with Roger Davies. The shape is designed for both street and trials riding, with a wide, smooth profile that’s super stiff and easy to find for street moves. Q-factor is 10mm (2.5mm less than 2005 cranks), which keeps a narrow profile but still allows enough room to clear your ankle bones. Material is 7075 Aluminum- the strongest and stiffest available. Cranks are polished, not powdercoated, so they won’t show scratches as much. Sizes are 125mm, 137mm, 150mm, 165mm.

Hub: Simple and strong. Designed in collaboration with Roger Davies. It has the widest flange-flange spacing available in an ISIS hub, for increased wheel strength. Bearings press directly onto the axle without bearing sleeves, to increase bearing stiffness.

KH20 comes standard with 137mm cranks. They were reduced 3mm in length to increase riding smoothness while still keeping enough leverage for trials. 125mm is also available.

Photos and details are now available at Mouse over the icons and click the larger image to see an even bigger photo.

I’ll also be bringing the new unis (at least the KH20 and KH24, maybe the KH29) to the CA Muni weekend, so you can check them out if you’re coming.

Let me know what you think.



awesome kris.

Well I have not ridden them yet obviously but they look great. The new hub and cranks look nicer in my opinion than the 2005 and the reduction in q factor is a good thing from my point of view.

I’m not sure about the drilled rims as I don’t know how strong it would be comparatively speaking but the added width should add stability and reduce tyre folding.

The double bolt seat post clamp is definately somthing that is long overdue.

I will leave judgement until I have had a chance to actually ride these but they look good.

I’m curious about the justification for the change of spline pattern on the hub however as it means that new cranks will not be compatible with the older hub. It is good that all the major unicycle manufacturers are moving towards the ISIS hub as it will allow for interchange of parts if there are supply difficulties for certain parts but there should also be an assurance that cranks will still be made for the old hub as replacing the whole hub if cranks are damaged is expensive but will be necessary if cranks are not available.

Looking forward to riding them.

Plumsie (another climber and geologist)


We should still have the cranks for the next few years I would think. All the’s should have new stock of these in December (I think). Although we have all the sizes in the UK at the moment anyway (140 in Onza not KH). :slight_smile:

Our stock of the KH arrive on the 29th of this month and we will get the web pages up so you can pre-order over the weekend. Kris jumped the gun a little, I was expecting the announcement on Sunday. Oh well.


yay! are the rims going to cost more than they used to?

also, how much difference does 3mm make for speed?

In Paris Hilton’s word’s: THAT’S HOT!!!
Those products look very good, but why did you make holes in the rims?
They where good the way they were:STRONG
And will those cranks fit on a Koxx hub?
Anyway, nice work Kris, these products are looking GOOD.

Peter M


Kris sent me pictures of all this gorgeous new stuff a couple of weeks ago and I’ve had to hold it in. It all looks so beautiful, especially the hubs and cranks! The move to a more standardized spline can only be a good one, as it makes more choice available to riders.

I’m amazed at the constant innovation from KH Cycles. Even Miyata never made so many changes so fast. In just a few short years we’ve gone to strong but otherwise relatively crude MUnis for $1200+, to now having much more sophisticated, better-looking, lighter and even stronger unicycles for nearly a third of that!

when will these be available in the US?

Kris- I think you should sell just the foam/gel from you saddles. I think a lot of people who use CF bases and custom saddles would buy it.

Looking very good, any news on the geared Muni hub release date?

Holes in the rims was a tough decision. The 47mm wide rims definately are more stable, especially for trials. So I think it is the way to go. But a solid 47mm wide rim is really heavy- too heavy in my opinion. I forget who it was (a famous mountainbiker, I think Keith Bontrager) who said “Strong. Light Weight. Pick one”.

Given that the wider rim contains more metal, have better geometry to resist twist, and that the rims are spec’d standard with eyelets and the best available alloy (7005H-T6), they seem to be about the same strength as the 2005 rims (the strong ones without grooves =)).



Wow, that looks sweet!!

Good work Kris, apparently these are already in NZ, just waiting to get them past customs now!

Who’s gonna be the first to hit a 10-stair on these babys?!

Early highlights: 1) drilled rim, I didn’t see this coming, it looks full on with a fresh tyre, I like it.

  1. Lower profile seat, I guess this is the right direction, why 10mm and not allenkey bolts though?

  2. KH MOMENT? Is this the moment where the balance evolution takes place?
    I don’t fully know what ISIS is except for that its a standard that’s used on bikes. Not meaning to sound like a weight nazi but how does this hub/crank setup compare to the previous model exactly?

  3. 137mm sounds good to me and they do look quite hard to bend or break (technical I know).

Premature critical analysis is that the frame can and should still be lower profile, especially given the new gussets. The gloves look optional, I want a closer look. Lose the SNAFUs, Jimmy Cs please. I’d like to try some sort of rubber coating on the inside of the seat handle. Still the same seatpost?

Sealed Jim Cs and a KH rail adaptor/KH rail seatpost and that’s me!!!

do the new gloves come in XS? :roll_eyes:

Nice! Are the going to be much more expensive?
And isnt splined hub? Or is it stabil enough whit the IsIs?

hmm. will the hub cranksets fit into the old(ish) KH frames?

Any word on the Geared MUNI’s???
I want to play Merry Christmas to ME this year:D

Wow !!! that looks really good.
ISIS seems to become the new standard for the future (Qu-ax/Koxx/and now Kris Holm) and to use an industrial approved standard is for sure a good decision.
The only bad thing I could find is that there is nearly nothing to improve for an 2007 edition :slight_smile:

also, did youi do anything to the seatposts? they seem to break really easy.

But it IsIs And no Spline better or less stabil then the 06modell?

It’s stronger.

I think : )


I hope : )