36 hole 19" rims

Hey all,

I mainly sell BikeTrials stuff (though the uni stuff is cool, and tempting to play with!). Anyway, I have a couple 19" rims in 36 hole that are collecting dust (bikes went to 32 holes a couple years ago). There are three ZHI 48mm wide rims (drilled, silver) and one VIZ 46mm (drilled, red, eyeleted). ZHI rims have a bit taller/beefier sidewalls. They (either one) normally go for $60… first four people get them for $45 ea.

Couple of other things that may or may not be of interest.

Who is running the Motorama uni event in February?..zip me an e-mail.

Tim Williamson


the 48mm wide one is tempting. how much does it weigh?

To be honest, I am not sure. I can say because of the drilling it really isn’t much more than an Alex DX32 (38mm wide). One of these days I will have to break down and get a gram scale!
Tim Williamson

Who cares what it weighs, do you take paypal and if so, I will take one in any color. The red one looks sexy if it’s still around though. PM me and we can set this up, thanks.

dont buy from tim i have heard bad things

I would be interested in addressing any perceived difficulties. I have been doing this (biketrials) stuff for 10+ years. Before being smeared before a large crowd, I would like to at least know what the difficulty may have been with someone… not some broad brush “don’t buy from him” comment.

ok im sorey hes fine to buy from i just dont like him as a person

Will, do you have any red vp double cage pedals? I sent you an email, and you never got back to me :thinking: .

Hey, sorry man. Have my anti spam on computer very high due to insane ammount of junk! I try to cull through it, but do miss a few things. Sorry, the VP pedals are only coming in black now. Will try to find sometime to correct web page tomorrow…

Fair enough, but I am unsure of the source of resentment. If you conversed with me on the rare “bad hair day”, my appologies.

While not well versed (at all!) with the world of uni, I have tried in recent years to make sure that there were uni guys at biketrials comps. As long as the insurance is being paid, no reason not to have more people enjoying a comp. Motorama, Tennesse, Snowshoe…all are places I have made sure that unis were accomodated.

I am looking forward to Motorama. The first year of unis there I talked with Chris Holm and it was a great success (so I was told by some of you guys). I am hoping that this upcoming (February) will be even better.

:roll_eyes: lame

Every transaction I have had with Tim has been a pleasure. He’s a prompt shipper, and a knowledgeable guy. For best response, call.

Did you get those eagle claw tries in yet?

i alredy said he is fine to buy from i just dont like him do to things i have heard from others

It is a little difficult to swallow suggestions that I mistreat people, then give no substance to the implied infraction. More to the point, if I made an error on some order… I would like to correct the issue.

Biketrials is far too small a market to mistreat people and remain the 10+ years in the business that I have. Have I ever made an error…sure, but I am not entirely sure that his what you are suggesting.

Not understanding your motivation for such commentary, I might suggest that public slander of persons is dicey ground to be traveling on.

no not at all your bisuness is great

i just dis like the way the way you handled moterama in the past but the story i was told was only one side so i realy dont know the whole story

Ah, OK… now we are getting somewhere. I have never actually been the head person in charge of the Biketrials at Motorama. I have volunteered to help numerous years in a row…but the only thing I have been in charge of was bunny hop comp last year (and one other time many years ago).

The only complaint that was directed my way at Motorama was over the the rules a couple years ago. At that time the rules required 6 working gears on 26" wheeled bikes. There were four or five people that showed up with bikes that had no derailleur nor more than one or two sprockets on the back. I made them change it before they could start… they were not happy… but you know what… it is an event in the National points series, and those people who are serious about competition and follow the rules should not be made to feel like it was a joke.

If the issue was anything but that one, well… don’t know as I am not the guy in charge.

I am glad that you posted what the bother was, as it has enabled me to clear the air. Before, the mysterious comments could have been interpreted very darkly!

i guess it wasint you than but insted people that you are frends with

tim on another note i think you should contact krisholm about carying his product. I alongwith others would probly buy from you rather than unicycle.com. i think that this could bring bike and unicycletrials closer togather, Insted of having unis be the ugly stepsister of bikes. I think that you carying highend unis would help our sport gain lagitamicy and suport. also you could import koxx unis and you would be one of the few places to get them in the states

just a thought

Wow. from slander to a business partner.

Yeah, that is quite the switch.

Anyway, i am going to email you today about that rim. I don’t have long distance on my phone. I live with a bunch of students and i don’t have a phone card with minutes on it just now. I will let you know about the money order thing and we can talk about your address.

On another note, I don’t know anything about you and I haven’t quite done business with you yet but I think your a hell of a guy for getting back to me!

Hey all,

I live in Buffalo NY area…we had nasty little snow storm last Thursday/Friday. Just got power back a couple hours ago! No internet (I’m at computer in local library now!). So who ever I talked to end of last week about rims, give me a call tomorrow (do have phone!)… and we can make other arrangements.

OK…now back to your regularly scheduled broadcast…
Tim/Trialsin USA