36 hole 19" rims

No problem Tim, I will call you first thing tomorrow and we can get that rim shipped to me ASAP. Thanks for your response, Ben

How much?

a) What size are the Eagle Claw tires because I am interested…and how much are they?

b) How much is the 38mm Red or Gold rim drilled 36 hole 19"?

c) How much is it to ship to ottawa?


Hey Harry I can answer those for Tim, as I have been hounding him with the same questions,

The eagle Claw is 45 bucks,
The price of the rims are on the first page (I think they are also 45),
Shipping to Ottawa is ten bucks american for the rim.


ya…in that case, I wud probably look into the eagle claw and the rim…does anybody know how much it wud cost generally to get a wheel built…just spokes to rim to hub???

Hey crank, I will make you a dea. I am not going to be able to get up there to get my frame for about two weeks and thats how long it took to get the rim fro Tim. if you have the right spokes and the rim is ready to go, I will build it for you for free when I come up there. I have laced all my own stuff and can probably lace that rim in about 45 minutes. The tire is super cool and Tim is a great guy to deal with. Give him a call instead of email, as you will get him quicker that way.

how many more of the $45 48mm ZHI rims remain?