Monty Eagle Claw. Looks pretty sexy so far!

Ok, so I had bought a VIZ rim off of Tim Williamson at Trailsin USA and he also had the new Monty Eagle Claw Tire. So of course, i just had to have it. Well it came today and I have to ask how many X’s can I spell sexy with. Because I would like to use 3 if possible. The side wall is super beefy and the tread pattern has neat little holes so that the nibs on the outside row wrap around things to grip better. The Rubber feels as soft as would be practicle for decent wear and the tire has an overall stickyness to it.
I will be building the rim this week and will be able to update this thread once I have ridden the tire, but things look great so far.


google! :wink:

I’m thinking about using that tire when my current try-all is completely worn out. I like to experiment with my components, and this tire is relatively un-tested by unicyclists? I know bike trialsers find it good.

You must give us a proper review when you fitted and tested it!


Go to the Monty site, the have pictures of it there too.

These are the best i could take right now. My good camera is being repaired.

Try this again…

Thats awesome ben, I’m actualy saving up for a new rim, how much did that cost you to get it to Canada?

Actually the VIZ was listed here on the Trading Post. Tim had a red VIZ left and then he had 2 or 3 ZHI 19" rims. (The sexy red one is gone now, cause I have it)
Here is the thread. I am sure that he has some of the silver rims left, as the thread turned into a BASH THE SELLER forum and no one would order from him. I had a great conversation on the phone with Tim and he is a great guy. He has been in Bike Trials for quite some time but has little Uni experience. Send him a PM or go to and send him an email from there. He has the Monty tires as well.

rims and koxx-one christmas specials

There are still one or two left.

These are pretty nice 48mm rims, should I think about getting anymore? The Koxx-One/Tryall 47mm wide rims are nice as well, but freight impacts the price to a greater degree.

Have decided to offer some good deals for Koxx-One high end UNIs now through Christmas. Dipping my toes into the UNI world…hmmmm, and I thought I was nuts for dealing with BikeTrials for almost the past dozen years!!..ha, ha, ha.

Joe hodges has been using the Eagle claw tyre for ages now.

Just to give you an idea about it, he considers it the best tyre he’s used next to the old white-wall montys (He’s used every single 19" tyre there is). The eagle claw has a lot of bounce and grip at the same time, which most tyres lack in one respect. Its basically a better Creepy Crawler if anything.

When I was reading about it, I was thinking, “So its pretty much a upgraded CC.” :smiley:

I think ill buy one soon.

im thinkin to get hte tryall tire next, but the monty looks dam nice!

I have one, and this was my first impression. I’ve only had a chance to take it on a couple rides (it’s poured rain the past week or so) :angry: . So far, I like it better than maxxis. Full review to be posted once the weather clears up.


Dang, that sucks. Today was the first dry and sunny day in about a week, but I didn’t go riding. Tomorrow I will. =p

Riding and doing trials in the rain isn’t bad though, I think it actually improves your riding more than riding on dry stuff, cause with rain you gotta take off and land everything right or else you slip and fall. =p Specially with my tire being as bald as it it.

Also, where did you get your Eagle claw? I am thinking of buying it, but have only found one place selling it for $45 dollar. I could get a couple CC for that price lol

I got mine from The main reson it costs more, is because it has to be imported from Spain. It is a better tire though, so far.