48mm ZHI rim to Moment hub/cranks with Sapim Strong spokes

I finally got my new trials wheel together, and a chance to ride it.

Experience from the zhi on my bike (and logic) told me the rim would fight some roll and let me play with lower tire pressures. Now that i have actually felt it, I’m suprised at how much stability it actually gives. I can use a much more comfortable tire pressure, wich gives more grip and bounce than the pressure I was forced to run on the dx32 to fight tire fold. Even the “dead” luna had some spongyness. It dosen’t eliminate fold, but when it does, it’s less severe. Those who like to play around on natural trials will especially appreciate the extra width on this rim.
thanks Tim @ www.trialsin.com.

I am digging the geo on these cranks. 137 feels really nice to pedal, and dosen’t give up too much torque. Even though they only flare out 5mm they feel a little wider, and more stable than profile cranks, maybe they mount further out on the axle. The spacers between the cranks and bearings wheren’t doing anything usefull, so I left those out.
Thanks Darren @ bedfordunicycles.ca

Sapim (sa-PEEM) strong spokes. What can you say about a spoke? So far, they’ve keept the hub connected to the rim. They get fat at the neck/head, then turn into a regular spoke for the rest of the lengnth. The wheel felt stiff when I was lacing. I’m sure it affects the ride, and energy returned on my sidehop. I would use these again.
Thanks Richard @ wheelbuilder.com

During my hour and a half test ride, I added nearly 2" to my sidehop!
Pics to follow.

Do they have that ZHI rim in 26"? If so, give me a website. Im looking for a wider rim, that’s not to heavy.

wow you’re quick. Yeah, the zhi comes in 26", but only in 32 hole. Tim may have the ability to get one in 36, give him a call 716-627-2676.

OK thanks. One more question, does the rim come in black?

Yeah and I’m pretty sure you can get the similar Echo XXL and tryalls in 36h.

wow, that sounds great. I think I might do that for my next trials wheel.

unfortunantly I won’t have an excuse for one anytime soon :sunglasses:

Where can I find a Tryall 26" rim in black? UDC doesn’t have any(i dont think), and Municycle.com has it in silver only. I want it in black. Any help on this would be great.

the Echo rims only come in 32H, but it is still possible to build a wheel out of a 36H hub and a 32H rim.

The Zhi rims only come in silver 36H. I myself went to China during the Summer, and looked at some stuff to buy for my mod trials bike, the owner of one of the shops is a friend of Yao Zhi (founder of Zhi Bikes) and told me that Zhi only made 32H rims in colours, whilst leaving the 36H rims in just silver. Aside from that minor colour issue, it’s a good rim I guess.

Try-All isn’t worth getting unless you’ve got a good reason. The only rims from Try-All I would recommend are the new undrilled and eyeltted rims seen on the Dan Heaton Pro Street and Orange Bud unis, and they’re pretty wide themselves at 46 or 47mm wide or so. Infact, I’d say they’re the best rims around now. The Zhi rim will die much sooner, just like a Try-All, I’ve seen plenty of Zhi rims die first hand myself from riding with fellow biketrials people in China.

Most of the strength of a wheel comes in its lacing. I have sold over 100 of the ZHI rims (to biketrials guys) and had not had an issue. This is not just the case with ZHI because I sell them, pretty much all the other brands have held up pretty well. Years ago Monty had rims made by a company called Akront… nasty, the gap at the seam you could actually stick several sheets of construction paper into! Point? they did not fail either… as crappy as they were, they were built correctly.

Either the ZHI rims you saw in China were completely different model than what shows up here, or someone needs to learn how to build a wheel.

how expenisve a the viz rims?

Vis and ZHI rims are on special at trialsin.com for 45$. More infohere.

Viz rims have the brake line indicator on the sidewalls… not too ideal for unicycle trials, considering the original KH rims with the lines tended to fold there.

Zhi is a better option than Viz for unis.

where can you get 36 hole VHI rims now?

does Tim still have some?

2 ZHI rims left… no VIZ rims.