What do you want for Christmas?

I’m so excited! This is my first unicycle christmas. I only started unicycling May 4th this year so i’m ultra excited to get some uni stuff under my tree. Of course I’ll be asking for the UNIverse and One Tired Guy Vids (maybe even one of those curious george monkey thingies), but my biggest want is a new giraffe unicycle (going against the advice of my friend K. McMullin) I was so excited about it. I drew a bunch of giraffe uni doodles in my psychology class today. I posted the best one below…

Anyway, what are you guys asking santa for this year? :smiley:


i want

i want a kh 24" with all the trimings but i know i could never get this but we can dream.i have universe i want universe 2 for christmas(hope it is out by then) that is a bit more afordable.universe i a great vid i have watched it a few many times i now notice some of the reactions in the back ground the skateboarders are funny to watch.

Re: i want

just added something to my list :wink:

I want a new KH 6’ giraffe mountain uni with a 36" coker wheel.

If I can’t get that, I’d like any unicycle that’s better than my schwinn.

Barring that, I’d like some decent pads/armor.

Finally, If none of that is possible, I suppose peace on earch and good will toward men would be nice (but I’d still rather get the uni).


<checks watch>

But… it’s October!

Ah, well… if B&Q have got their huge great christmas tree display up by the way in already, I suppose I should get used to it.

I want some more days off work…


Well, I’d like a GOOD dvd this year, maybe something that focusses on unicycling. Universe 2 sounds good.

I don’t think Santa will be matching the Coker of last year though :frowning:

Way to early to think about Christmas.

But for Halloween I want a Commuter Uni and another seat for my trials uni, or more duct tape to put on the one I have.



I want a new computer with a Pentium 4 processor, at least 3 GHz, 1BG RAM, multiple huge hard drives with a RAID system, DVD burning capability, etc., etc.

My plan is to take all my old VHS tapes of unicycle clips, or convention tapes with 5 min. total of really watchable stuff, and edit them together into a monster DVD with an index!

A neighbor 3 houses over put up their Christmas lights yesterday. :frowning:

Don’t know about Christmas but my birthday is coming up soon and the new 20" freestyle uni is high on the list.

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

It might be planning a bit too far ahead but, if you’re planning on selling them maybe next year I can put a copy of that DVD on my Christmas list… :slight_smile:

just a note:

i won the curious george unicycle at a raffle at the nj muni weekend. it is super cool. he has been stillstanding for a few weeks now above my head in my dorm room. he is fun to play with though!

I want the KH24 MUni, but I know I won’t get it. I’ll use the money I get from Christmas to help me buy it.
I also want a Coker, but probably the same as above.
The realistic gifts are Universe, Maybe Universe II if it’s out, ankle protection, maybe shin guards, and lots of other non-uni stuff.

I`d like one of those…

A better hub would be nice. It’s about 4 a.m. here and I’d enjoy a couple of beers too.

a couple of beers is always nice, wether it’s 4 am or not…

for Xmas?


possible: be able to walk
difficult: be able to ride
???: meet a handyman able to build me the Uni of my dreams


I want a new tire for my Coker, the originasl tire has a big bald spot, and I can see the tube.
And cookies. Cookies are always good. carjug

Hmmm… what do I want for x-mas??? That’s easy. I want another Profile Racing hub with 145mm cranks, an Alex DX-32 trials rim, 36 spokes, another Viscount seat, some grippy pedals, and a GB4 Trials Frame. Some new Vans would be nice too.


don’t forget a seatpost and a tire

unless you have those laying around