What age did you buy your first uni?

Almost 4 years ago. I was 11. I’m 15 now.

I bought my first uni a year ago when I was 15. Im now 16 and have since fully paid for all 3 of my unicycles.

My first unicycle was a 16th BD present. Cheaper than a car I guess.

The first unicycle I purchased was at age 22 or 23 when I bought my Schwinn Giraffe.

What kind of pole? A fire pole? May Pole? Magnetic pole? :slight_smile:

I also feel the need to repeat that the original question was when you bought your first uni with your own money. It looks like some people are mentioning when they got their first uni, not when they bought their first uni.

27…Boo Yeah!

Yes. James Potter, Brockfisher, Catboy, could you guys clarify? It has to be when you bought your first one with your own money. If the money was a gift, it counts.

Me, 17. Feb. 11, 1980. I didn’t get my first gifted one until later!

Re: What age did you buy your first uni?

I was 47 when I bought my first uni.

My youngest daughter may be the youngest (at least in this thread so
far) to have bought her own uni from her own money. Specifically, from
a appropriately sized legacy received when her grandfather died.
She was 9 at the time.
Mind you that the money wasn’t earmarked in any way.

(My other daughter got her uni for her BD.)

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Oh, I think about 27. That was errrm, 14 years ago. at a shop called Air Adventures, no longer in business, in Leamington Spa. It is a no-name 20", is still in full working order (one wheel rebuild, 1 replacement set of bearings and 2 replacement tyres) and I use it for freestyle, hockey and just messing about on and doing short errands where it isn’t worth going on a muni or 36".

If you don’t mind me saying so, but I’m going to say it anyway, this is a dull thread … why did I reply ? Cos I’m at work and bored.


Lech Walesa - now he was a good Pole :slight_smile:

Back on thread…45 years old bought cheapo off ebay.

Was? Well maybe you’re right but he hasn’t died yet. Karol Wojtyla was another good Pole who also hasn’t died yet. :slight_smile:

Klaas Bil

After retirement…

November 2000.
65 y.o.:slight_smile:

Lech Walesa



I haven’t heard much about him lately, so of course I know he’s still alive - but maybe he’s not so good anymore…?


35 when I bought one myself (Nimbus 26"). 34 when I was given my first one (UDC learner 20").

Re: What age did you buy your first uni?

> At what age did each of us buy our first unicycle with our own money?
> (As opposed to someone buying it for us).

I got given my first unicycle about ten years ago; a 20" red Pashley
that is still my main uni to this day.

I bought my first unicycle in the last year, aged 25. It was a DM

I do want more…



Re: What age did you buy your first uni?

peter.bier wrote:

> At what age did each of us buy our first unicycle with our own money?
> (As opposed to someone buying it for us).
> My estimate is people will fall into one of two categories:
> -teens OR
> -forites

I’ve bunged the current responses into OpenOffice to get a graph:




100000 in Binary.

I got my first unicycle when I was 32. I also got my second uni when I was 32. Hopefully I’ll get my third when I’m 33.

For the stats: Bought my first Uni last year, I was 22.


I got my first uni at 28 but I was offered it for birthday… I waited till 30 to buy my first one…

Makes me realise I only bought one of the three unis I use (the third ain’t really mine cause it’s a Koxx One Devil proto that Yoggi lend me for testing purposes)