What age did you buy your first uni?

As John Foss said, this would make an interesting thread:

At what age did each of us buy our first unicycle with our own money? (As opposed to someone buying it for us).

My estimate is people will fall into one of two categories:
-teens OR

I was 17 when I bought my first unicycle. It took me 6 months of saving from the moment I first saw a friend with one. I couldn’t ride but I knew I just had to buy one :slight_smile:

I am securely in the forties category.

I got mine for christmas two years ago, I think… I was 14 at the time, and now I’m 16. So yes, 2 years ago.

I believe I was 19. That was a few years ago. Since then, I’ve bought a bunch of others.

Re: What age did you buy your first uni?

Wow, been a while since I’ve seen a post by Peter B- one of the guys that inspired me to get a MUni.

I bought my first uni (a 20" noname) age 22. Got my MUni just before my 23rd B’day after seeing Peter B jumping around on one (and breaking his axle) at the NZ juggling festival.

Got my first at 19…but it was not bought by me…but I started working a week later…So technically,I’ve bought 0.But my first should be soon…


My parents bought me my first three unicycles back when I was 13 or 14.
Used Schwinn 20"
Used Schwinn 24"
New Schwinn giraffe

I didn’t buy a unicycle for myself with my own money until May of 1997 when I bought a Pashley MUni. I was 29.9 years old at the time.

right after i turned 17, with my b_day money.

15 or 16.

I was given my first uni at age 9, a Headstrom. I bought my first uni at 37, last year.

I was 22

I goty my first uni when i was 14 I am 16 now

I was 22 (and still am) when I bought my Summit last fall. My dad bought me my first uni, a United, when I was 20.

Last year. 30.

45 years old.

bought on 8-24-04.

first one ever.


Bought my first from eBay at 15. I’m 16 now.

This would have been a good pole. It would have to be clear that it was the first you bought, not your parents bought you.

I bought my first uni when I was 36…and my second and third.:smiley:

44 … January this year