Weirdest and Strange unicycle freakshow - Who gives more?

Among all the unicycles I,ve seen this one is one of the weirdest and coolest unicycle:

The Jack Halpern’s amazing 150!

NOTE: You can find this an many more crazy unicycles at the invaluable Jhon Foss´s Garage Page, under multi wheel.

What other unicycles have impressed you?

Thanks for sharing!!!


PS: I recall one with a bowling ball in it…

I would like to make a list of strange unis so if im missing one just post it!!

Lets continue…


More info:

Yup, that’s a great one. Surprisingly, it was not super-hard to ride! Prerequisite: You had to be a competent rider of a 2-wheel-stack unicycle first. It actually rode pretty smoth (especially during the coasting moments, of course).

Like a 2-wheel-stack unicycle, it requires some re-thinking of your reflexes. I did not get the opportunity to try the Crabcycle, but I did see it in person before it was delivered to its owner. I imaging the learning process to start similarly to that of riding the 2-wheeler; try to shut your reflexes off, and get your brain to think a different way. Like a reverse-steering bicycle.

Not a bowling ball but similar:
This unicycle was available for people to try at Unicon XVI in Italy. Beautiflly made of mostly wood, the spherical wheel rode strangely, but not nearly as strange as the two unis above. I didn’t get the name of the maker, but the lable on it says “Drechslerei Klaus Reef, Tel. 0 21 59/501 17”.

Super-fat hot rod wheel uni:
Probably best if you’re already bow-legged. :slight_smile:

From China:
I don’t know much about this one, including how the drivetrain works. But it sure looks interesting! I can imagine acrobats diving through that wheel as the guy rides by…

Extremely eccentric Kangaroo!
I think these pictures were posted here on these forums long ago. I’ve ridden something with a much less extreme offset; this one must have been really odd to ride, and a pretty good quad workout!

Landsurfing Uni?
I’m not a Landsurfing expert, but wouldn’t you want to be able to switch the sail from one side to the other? I don’t know anything about this thing, including where I got the picture. Also including whether it was functional, which I have my doubts about. It seems like the wind would always cause it to rotate around the contact patch of the wheel. Does it need something to hold it in a straight line that’s different from the direction of the wind?

Mono Wheel?
I’ve seen online videos of this thing in motion. It doesn’t move very fast, but it does work1 Not sure how steerable it is…

Cool stuff John, thanks for sharing!

Leo V’s Pizza-Cutter Uni!
This is probably the most appropriate unicycle to have in the kitchen. I don’t know if Leo ever successfully addressed the inherent traction problem, but the unicycle is beautifully made, and makes for a very fun performance!

The wheel is approximately 1/8" thick steel disk, chromed. In its original form, when I saw it in 1999, the wheel’s surface was just smooth & shiny, which looked great but didn’t grip the pizza well. Difficult enough to ride on any surface with such a tiny contact point, when it encountered the outside edge of the pizza it didn’t have enough traction to cut into it. :frowning:

Klaus Reef is User Holzwurm (german for woodworm)

I saw a video recently where the frame was built like a scissor jack. Pedalling slowly extended the frame up to a giraffe height as it was ridden.

Unfortunately I have not been able to find it again.

I know this guy and I had the chance to ride it a couple of times, this is the crazy unicyclist at the European Juggling Conventions, he is also known for his endless spinning plattform

The incledible fact about this uni is that you can idle not just with the pedals down but also… idle with the pedals UP!!, just Crazy!!!

Thanks Jhon for sharing!

I´ve seen it on video, at a burningman footage, the plans were also somewere… It has a gyroscope inside and making torke it turns!

More info:

I’ve made a somewhat similar topic on the French forum:

Of course, it’s written in French but there are images and links. :slight_smile:

Sounds like Sem Abrahams’ Scissor Cycle. Built by Tom Miller with help from Sem and others, it weighs 65 pounds and is powered by a small automotive hydraulic jack. You pump a handle under the seat to raise it up, and then can release pressure to make it go down.

Found a video! Quality is not great, because it was done by a small digital camera in 2005. 2 versions; one is .avi and the other is .mpg
Sem Abrahams Scissor Cycle at 2005 NAUCC (.avi)
Sem Abrahams Scissor Cycle at 2005 NAUCC (.mpg)
I just noticed my old videos don’t seem to play on Smugmug. These links will be temporary, so hopefully uploading them again will “fix” them on Smugmug.

The full album is here. In there you can also see Zack Baldwin being defeated by yet another dumpster, The Semcycle Conference Bike, Teresa riding a uni with a very tiny wheel, Zack and Jeff Groves showing off their owies, a very cool flying lizard uni-tattoo, a couple of tiny-wheeled giraffes, the Crabcycle, Tommy Miller and his manicurist’s nightmare, Flaming Puck Hockey, Free Smells, a B.C. Wheel race, Gilby winning the first American 10k race with a Schlumpf hub in it (by a huge margin), Jeff Groves showing why he had owies on his feet, and Josue Barreto making many silly faces. :slight_smile:

Very similar but I don’t remember seeing the rider operating a jack handle. My impression was that the pedalling itself operated the jack. The down action was triggered by a switch under the seat so it probably was hydraulic. Maybe an improved version?

I was picturing a lead screw driven off the cranks but that may well have been my imagination of how I would have designed it.:wink:

I don’t know if this was actually built or just someones imagination: