Weirdest and Strange unicycle freakshow - Who gives more?

Regarding Sem Abrahams’ Scissor Cycle, here you have another lame video: (sorry, it´s a facebook video)

Great album, thanks for sharing!!

Can we repost here the pictures? or tell Canapin and bouin-bouin to repost here??

It would be great to have it all together!!

It appears to have a standard windsurfer sail and fittings in which case the sail can be leaned forwards and backwards and rotated around the mast. So you can lean it forwards to switch from one side of the wheel to the other, though I doubt it can be tacked so when going from one side to the other you’ll go a gybe in which case the sail flips around the front. Also because you can lean the sail forwards and backwards you can set the centre of pressure above the contact point of the wheel to go in a straight line - and just like on a windsurfer you steer by leaning the sail forwards or backwards to move the centre of pressure in front or behind. If anything though the wheel seems too far forwards - on a performance windsurfer you just have a tiny fin set right at the back of the board. I doubt I could sail it, but I expect any reasonably expert windsurfer could, it ought to handle very similarly.

8 footed unicycle.

Have you ever tried before?

Do you know the equivalent size in inch / size of shoes?

My guess: 26 inch and 8 x 32 EUR shoes


It’d be crazy to not mention the tandem uni:

I also love that giraffe that has two legs instead of a wheel. I’m sure I’ve seen a video of it in action before, it walks like a drunken maniac :smiley:


Here’s a video of the wood ball unicycle in action:

I’m a bit late but yes of course, you can do whatever you want :slight_smile:

It looks like a kind of geared unicycle, make a small rotation with your feet, but let the wheel make a big rotation. Will be difficult to learn. starting a geared uni in high gear. Never got the hang of that.

The mono wheel looks dangerous. what happens when you fall side ways and you’ve made some speed. You’ll break everything.

…Or even if you’re going really slow. But that still means you’ve been riding it. My question: How do you get in there? And what does it look like when you stop? You’re not going to put a foot down… :astonished:

How about this mysterious unicycle?


  1. Guy Hansen on a double wheel giraffe with a belt connecting the wheels. I think this was taken at the 1998 USA Nationals
  2. Telford Muni, circa 1998. Made by Geoffrey Telford Faraghan, the head tube was intended to be at a similar angle to a mountain bike, to work with the Thudbuster Uni-Pivot seat post. Less than 20 were made, I think.
  3. The Great Wall Marathon, an event held in China in 1993, featured a 10k race at the Great Wall, a 100m race on top of the wall, and various other shows and competitions, along with China’s first unicycle competition. This is Yuichiro Kato in the Expert 100m race. Because of the curve in the course, and very short stopping distance after the finish, we ran it as a time trial. Kato was the winner.

Again, sorry about the tiny sizes. These were scanned from paper photographs back when the Internet was 800 x 600 pixels. :slight_smile:




Not only that, but he made this wooden ball contraption indeed. I got to ride it too.

The shoenicycle by Semcycle. I believe this was made around 2000.

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OK picture can be uploaded now…

That’s a pretty fancy “shoe” unicycle. I like the style of the spokes (instead of straight radial, and the geared-down drive may make it a little easier to control. These types of unicycle are understandably heavy, less from the shoes, and more from the amount of material required to make a “wheel” with no rim. Also depending on the shoes, their grip can make riding awkward.

The earliest version of one of these I rode was a Tom Miller one, in the early 80s. He called it an “Eight Footer” because it had eight shoes. That made for a pretty big, heavy unicycle, and rode quite lumpy. The Shoenicycle looks like a smoother ride.

Where do I buy one of these victorian water unicycles? :wink:


That appears to be some bizarre vision of the future… the text at the bottom translates as ‘a stroll on the water in the year 2000’… Shame it never came to reality!

Where do you find this picture? :o

I just find a website, where we can pay 10€ to download it.

A visionary made it in 1899-1900. He wasn’t that far from the truth… I love it!


Where do you find this picture/QUOTE]
you can get to anything with the printscreen button but this one just seems to be linked.

I’m sorry, I was wondering if it was possible to get it with a better resolution. But, maybe I got a bit enthusiastic, high definition wasn’t very widespread in 1900.

I saw it here:…62581002100736

Also more here:

How can you balance forward/backward when both feet come up simultaneously? Won’t the movement throw you off?

As for the surf uni, I expect that the wind can be used as extra support. since the board is very low to the ground, you could basically hang against the wind and use the handle on the sail to steer at the same time. Hanging would be needed to not start spinning, I think it would be easier to learn the surf thing than the Kangarooni (I think that’s a fitting name for it)