Weight Saving Affecting Trials

I’ve decided to make some weight saving upgrades to my Nimbus Trials. I’m wondering if this many grams will make a difference in my overall jumping and if its worth making the upgrades. Here are the weights.
Note: These are all differences in weight to what I have now.

Deity Compound Pedals: 80 grams

Koxx one light 140mm cranks to replace 125 moments: 100 grams

Monty Race Pro Tire to replace Maxxis Creepy Crawler: 260 grams

Total: 440 grams saving


Any other suggestions for even more weight saving would be appreciated as well.:slight_smile:

You could change the frame for a KH one. The KH frames are much lighter than the Nimbus ones. Carbon Fiber seatbase, lighter and much stiffer than plastic. Drilled rim, KH rims are 47mm compared to Nimbus at 42mm so the tire is also more stable and less prone to folding. I’m not sure if the KH is actually much lighter than the Nimbus rim though

Do you have the cranks yet or you are still going to take mine?

No, I don’t have the cranks yet. Still working on splitting up my money :roll_eyes:
Will try to pm soon.

I am on track for loosing about 750g -800g off mine and that is starting with a KH frame that is 500g lighter than a Nimbus 2!!! I have effectively replaced everything though :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a Monty Race and it comes in at 800g but I am having trouble liking it as although it bounces fine it is very round so tram lines and tracks strangely which isn’t worth 200g if I can’t ride it :stuck_out_tongue:

My weight loss progress

What is that, less than a pound? You could eat less for a few weeks and loose more than that. :smiley:

Do you think 440 grams would make a difference in my overall trials?

I doubt it and that is coming from a dedicated weight weenie (bikes and Uni) :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t know about you but my trials skill level isn’t very high and is the cause of my poor hop height etc rather than the weight of my Uni

Saving weigh on my MUni definitely helped though as it was all on the wheel (rotational mass) so it transformed it on the climbs,

Do it because you can and want to not for any performance gain :slight_smile:

the best weight saving thing i have done is run a normal 20in tube instead of a 3in tube.

Have you thought about trying a Cyko-Lite? Maybe not as light as a Monty Race, but lighter than anything else, and not expensive to try. It’s what I have on mine so I know no different, but I certainly don’t feel it’s a handicap (no noticeable issue with tracking compared to the budget 20" uni I had before, or indeed compared to my muni).

…was trying to find your thread to reply on, but here seemed as good a place as any!

Kris has said they are effectively the same weight and overall strength.

454g = 1 lb, so 14 g lighter. If he’s like me there’s not much to loose, but one pound less on ‘you’ is prob more effective than one on the uni.

I would save for a whole KH or Impact, then you could sell your Nimbus, or keep it. Use it for something to ride if your main uni has a catastrophic failure, use one exclusively for flat/street, or something for a visiting friend to learn on/ride if they don’t bring their uni.

No amount of weight savings will improve your trials technique.

You could fill Max Schulze’s pockets with depleted uranium and he’d still be able to hop over two school buses, backwards, blindfolded, while eating corn on the cob drenched in hot sauce, and listening to Katy Perry’s Greatest Hits.

You want to hop higher? Practice more.

Edit: seriously. practice. I’ve seen incredible trials done on a steel-framed 24" muni. It’s not the gear. It’s the rider.

Once again, the definitive thread is here: I want my unicycle as light as possible

The best upgrade I have done was buying a 3" tube for my 20"!

Honnestly, I rode it for very very long before I got a flat on it.

The best upgrade I have done was buying a 3" tube for my 20"!

Honnestly, I rode it for very very long before I got a flat on it.

Ain’t that the truth, he’s a fricken gazelle! I’ve come to accept I will never dunk a basketball on a 10’ rim, and I will never do half the things Max does. Reminds me of advice Steve Martin once gave on getting rich: “First, you take a million dollars. Then invest it wisely over time…”.

Thanks for making me literally LOL!:stuck_out_tongue:

My advice would be to ride the heavy nimbus uni untill it starts breaking and change the parts to lighter ones as they break. The longer it holds up without breaking the stronger you’ll get with the extra weight. I personally feel that 200grams has a big effect on my riding. 1kg takes about 10cm off my sidehop but i’m at a higher level and the higher you hop the more time you have to notice it. The best place to take the weight off for trials is the wheelset because that’s what you have to tuck up and angle to the side etc.

But yeah the biggest changes you can make are the frame, tyre,seat and pedals depending on what you’ve got.

I agree with Mike. Practice until you break parts on what you have now then slowly replace with lighter parts as you break things. The longer you ride something heavy and get your technique good with that the better your hop will be with a lighter uni.

I can tell you from my experience that it is way more about the rider’s technique than it is about the weight of the Uni. I started with a Nimbus Blizzard Trials and swapped EVERYTHING except the rim on it. Nothing on it is Nimbus anymore except the spokes, the hub and the rim.

The Blizzard tire was really heavy, so I swapped it for a Maxxis CC.

Is the Uni noticeably lighter? Yes, Absolutely!
Did it improve my hopping/jumping height? NO!

Watch youtube videos and practice, practice, practice. If you are young, then you will most likely improve at a faster rate. For me, it seems to take forever to notice any improvement… :roll_eyes:

Okay, I think I’ll do that. Theres one thing though. I have 125mm moments on my trials right now. Do you think its worth it to make the upgrade to 140 mm koxx light cranks so I can have more leverage? I will save 100 grams as well.