Video: Unilogue - talking about unicycles

It’s a video, but ‘Unicycles and Equipment’ is probably the correct category anyway. I put all my unicycles in a closet to present them in a video, and it was more than I thought. They’re usually spread around the house. I bet I have more unicycles than UDC at the moment :slight_smile:


That’s quite the collection you’ve got there!

So as someone with so many unicycles, are there still any that you’ve got your eye on?

Perhaps a Qu-Ax (freewheel when the new hub is released?), or a Mad4One of some sort?

That’s a lot! How long did it take you to build that collection?

Yeah… that’s a lot…

No 36er, freewheel, giraffe guni? I’m disappointed!

The Qu-Ax hub looks interesting, but no. I was considering a Mad4One, but ended up with the Flans 27.5

11 years ago I bought a unicycle. Then another…

A bigger freewheel is a possibility, since I use a 36 frame. No plans though.

I realize this seems crazy. Was expecting some snarky comments, but so far you’ve been kind. :smiley:

Here’s a list (I gave away 3 of them)

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I’ve got a 32" freewheel wheel, but I’ve not ridden it in a while as the frame (also a 36" QX like yours, but in white) has the 26" freewheel in it right now.
As much as I enjoy riding it, I suspect I’ll not go back to the 32" wheel now until I get a Qu-Ax hub for it, and then I might also change it to 36".
I know I could definitely get better on it as it is, but I’d rather wait and see how much difference the instant sprag clutch engagement makes to the big wheel.

That then leaves me a 32" wheel to do something with… It could become a club loaner for those wanting to try road riding as it’s a bit more accessible than a 36".

Well, I can’t make snarky comments when I seemingly own more unicycles than you do :grin:


Twice in the film @UniMyra momentarily switches to Norwegian for the briefest of moments when he discusses why he bought the Giraffe and the second KH20. In both cases he says he did it because they were such good deals and hence he could not resist, then switches to Norwegian to give the price, which is the same in both cases he states was “trehundre Norske” (three hundred Norwegian [crowns]). I feel it is worth pointing this out so people don’t miss what a great deal he got on each of these unicycles.

300NOK = €29.91 = $35.20 = £25.45

I think we can all agree this is insanely good value!

P.S. Amazing collection @UniMyra and if you do get any negative comments I am sure they will purely be due to jealousy. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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What’s really amazing to me about this is how closely currencies have lined up around much of the world. So a Norske is about 1 US or Canadian cent, 1 Yen or 1/100th of a Euro or a pound.

1 Norwegian Crown ≈ 12 :us: cents (actually 11.73 cents)

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My mistake. Still, it’s pretty close to a multiple of 10. The fact that it doesn’t equal 43 cents or .23 pounds makes me think that central banks like to align the values of their currencies.

Nice video! Count me among the jealous.

I would think this is an example of Benford’s law


Perhaps, but Benford’s law makes more sense when you consider that when you count a finite number of things you’re going to run out at some point. Therefore, 1 will always be used, 2 will probably be used, but digits like 7, 8 or 9 quite possibly won’t. A sample group of 151 things will have 63 whose first digit is 1, but only 11 that start with 9. When you’re talking currency conversions I really don’t see how it applies.


Anything short of three freewheel unis is moderation!

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This is very off topic, but I’ll answer anyway.

Benford’s law is about the relative change required to change the first digit of a number. Take the NOK–EUR exchange rate. 20 years ago, an Euro was worth about 8 NOK. It “only” took a decrease in value of about 1/9 ≈ 11% to go to a rate of 9 NOK, and then a decrease of 10% to go to 10 NOK (which is today’s rate). But to change that first digit 1 to a 2 would now require a decrease in value of 50% – a much more substantial loss in value.

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Appreciate your answer, unrelated to the OP as it may be. Often the devil is in the details when it comes to things like this. I thought I had a basic grasp of Benford’s Law, (I’d known of it before this), but maybe there is something I missed. I’ll research it more in the morning when I am less enibriated.

I find it entertaining that you’re worried that a forum of unicycle enthusiasts might criticize you about the number of unicycles you own :wink:

Speaking as someone who only owns one uni…
I find myself really wanting to upgrade and get a muni like I’ve been dreaming of (maybe like the 36er was for you?). But what size? I was thinking probably an Oracle 27.5, since 26 is kind of a dated size, and less tire choices, but then lots of people go to their 24 for technical terrain and even Peck said that was the most versatile size, hmm… Maybe I should just get both sizes, and decide for myself. I should also get a good quality 19 or 20 too, for learning new skills, especially free mounting, drops/hopping, idling, and backwards, like a Nimbus II or Impact Athmos perhaps. Giraffes look really cool/fun too… I wouldn’t mind getting one of those to try out. It would be nice to work my way up to distance riding too though, but I am not too sure about a 36er, i hear those are cumbersome, and challenging to mount. Maybe I would be better off starting with say a 29 or 32, then maybe think about moving up to a 36er if I want to go bigger still once getting comfortable on a slightly smaller, more manageable size. (Or would it be better to go geared instead of bigger???)… :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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I’d suggest, get a muni. If it’s relatively easier and flowy terrain, get the 27.5.
If where you want to ride involves loads of fairly precise twists and turns, get a 24”.

You can always buy more unis later, but this is what I’d suggest to start.

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We think alike :rofl: :rofl:

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Peck was extremely limited in his choice of unicycles, and also had what we’d now consider some very unusual riding styles.

Due to the strength of seats, having grab handles, and the lightness of modern unicycles means that I think his opinions would likely be rather different now.

Unless you have a really short inside leg, I’d recommend 27.5". For close to a decade I went 24" for technical terrain. Then I tried a 27.5", then I bought one.
Now my 24" has a relatively slick tyre on it and it’s fun for socials/street/hard packed ground