Video Tutorial: 180 and 360 unispin

I know there are loads of threads on unispins and some good written tutorials but I think I only know of one video tutorial and that was quite good but breif.
so I have made another, I think it is as detailed as it needs to be and covers most aspects. hopfully it will help lots of people.

here it is

I added the 180 and 360 jump mount because it does help people build confedence to go for the whole thing and it helps to familiarise you with the hand movements which I believe you need to be slick with and do naturaly so that you dont need to think about it and can concentrate on the other aspects of the trick.

I almost added a rolling 360 and 360 down a drop (cant do them up things yet) but I didnt think it needed it.

I want to go outside and try 360 unispins off stuff now.:smiley:

there realy not that hard, not realy much harder than dong 180s off stuff. just make sure you dont skrew up your ankles if you miss the pedals. I may try do some 360s onto a pallet tomorrow havnt realy tried it properly, cant see its going to be much harder than 180s.

I wouldn’t suggest letting go off the seat at all for 360 unispins. It makes it harder when you start doing tre flips or 360 unispins off drops.

I second that. I had been doing them by letting go for a long time but I could only do it on flat. I dont let go anymore and everything is much easier.

That was good. The only thing I disagree with is the hand position for both unispins. The 180 I wouldn’t let go of it right away. But keep both hands on the same side the whole round around. The last thing is you are showing the hand position of the 3spin as you land seat in front. Everything is ok with that, but the front hand should keep ahold of the seat the whole time and have it just rotate around until the 3 is done. Now you are landing seat in, so the hand position goes as you did it, you have to let go so you can get over the seat. So for beginners if you land seat in, let go of the seat, and grab it with your other hand in the front of the seat, or the handle. If you land seat out make sure you try and keep a hold of the seat all the way around.

-Shaun Johanneson

Is there (or could someone) show us a video of 360’s where you don’t let go off the saddle then. Trying to learn these now but just can’t get the right feel for them.

I was never sure of the hand positioning for 360s which is what I struggled on (which is why I tried to show it in my tutorial) I heard that you do them without letting go but found, when learning, that I kept twisting my wrist when I didnt let go but when I let go I could land them SIF or SI and didnt twist my wrist. I can 360 off things and do them rolling, I will try and get a video tomorrow and hopfuly I will get a shot of me landing one up a curb or something. I would like to see a 360 in close up and slow motion with out letting go of the seat. I may try that as well tomorrow as well. thanks for all your response.

Sorry to say man, not a big fan of this tutorial.
To many (possible problmes) for it to really help a beginer learn.
Plus what was so great about shauns crankflip tutorial, was that it had voice overs. You didnt have to read and remember while you watch. It all fit together smoothly. Plus we all know he has a pretty good idea of how to do them. Nothing personal but I would leave the how to tutorials for someone with a bit more experience to make.

here is a short slow mo clip of a 360. not the best angle but you can see that i never let go of the seat, just switch hands last second to catch it seat on.

thanks for all your feedback, I would like to hear what someone who is learning them has to say. I thought it would help alot because I tried to answer all of the problems that I had when I was trying to learn them. I understand what you are saying about the reading and know it would be better if it was spoken and although now you tell me that the hand movements are slightly wrong I think it still can and should be used to learn them because once you can do them like this its easy to change your hand positon slightly instead of learning them were you do not let go of the saddle and potentialy hurting your writs from when you mess up repeatedly before you land them.

the hand hold helped, i now have no problem spining the Uni, but it always goes way out in front of me

to keep the uni under you just takes practice, experiment and tell yourself to hold the uni under you more, keep at it and you will succeed.

I know a few of you have said it is a bad tutorial and how it shows a slightly different hand movment to that you use (although it is easy to change it when you have learnt them) but if you look now, feedback has been left on my video, I know theres not much but Im sure there are not many learning it. If you look at the comments they are all excelent, saying how my tutorial realy helped them and from 11 people it has been rated 5/5


no, jump forward when you do the unispin. it helps you land the first few, then as you get used to doing them, try to jump less forward, you will get it down faster.

Cool vid but I thought it was a bit presumptuous to say “this is THE hand positioning for a 360” etc. I for one prefer one handed spins for ease of use, versatility (in and out of rails) and style.