Victoria Australia Muni Weekend

I don’t want this to get too complicated.

An early entry is $10.00 if you send me a cheque/money order before the day. Otherwise it is $15.00 on the day. Early entries can save me time and help with the organisation.

The AUS fees are separate. I will check by emailing Cris the AUS sectretary about how much the fees are and will keep you posted.

The idea of the early entry was to help me know how many are actually turning up and to help me organise the weekend.

Last year

Last year 9 riders turned up. So far it looks like aboy 20 or more will be here this year.

sounds like you’ll have fun keeping us in line :stuck_out_tongue:


so umm whats the deal with this high vis clothing and street ride thing

I think so.

I have decided to have a lucky draw for all entrants. The prize will be a TWNR DVD by Brian Mackenzie

High Viz

The council. When you get to oranise your own event, you will meet authorities

You Could Get Run Over

One of the 3 or 4 Chiltern shoppers may not see you, therefore you could get run over

umm by hi vis clothing do you mean bright colours or the reflective stuffs?

I think bright would be good enough. If there is enough of us, we will be high vis in our own right. Last year the local policeman also followed us with his lights and that made us extremely high vis.
We have a new policeman and I have to ask him if he will do the same.

3 weeks 1 day

3 weeks

hey can we use the wrist support gloves for chiltern


If you mean the KH type, they are fine. Basically anything to help in a UPD. Gee, only 3 weeks.

2 weeks 6 days

Will someone be able to lend me some wrist guards? The only ones I’ve got are crappy old $2 ones that don’t fit anymore, and I really don’t feel like shelling out $10 on new ones.

ask your parents to buy em you never no

AUS Membership


An update regarding the AUS Membership. The cost is $20.00 for 1 year. This gives you insurance benefits required for AUS certified events.

If you joined at Uninats last year you will still be covered (I am pretty sure), otherwise you will have to join to participate in my event. You can join on the day.

The AUS website is also up and running, so please check it out.


Where have you seen wrist guards for $10?


Kmart, I guess…