Victoria Australia Muni Weekend

Youb sound worse than Tyler

Youb sound worse than Tyler

oops… sound and manor is manner

i see…

i remember somewhere in the distant past (before amos joined this forum) when this was a serious thread. look what it has become.

seriously jake, shut up dude or else people will start gettin really pissed off at you and then you will turn up to UNInats next year and get the Sh*@ beaten out of you. :smiley:

See ya,


OK!! i make this my formal apoligie

lets be serious then :angry:

what would we need to bring to this event and what is it like?

oh… you’d like that, wouldn’t you!!

I don’t think you’ll have to wait 'til UniNats, to the sound of it, you might have to make a special trip down to kilmore, Max :stuck_out_tongue:

Ed :d

Unicycles and it will be as good as you can make it!


just wanted to start this thread again
3 weeks and 6 days to go:D

yes. that is correct.

3 weeks 5 days

3 weeks 4 days

3 weeks 3days

Thanks jake

Make sure you bring 'High Vis clothing" for the stree ride.
Also thanks for the reminder about how much work I have to do. It is coming together but I would like more riders to let me know if they can actually make it. So far I think I have about 10 confirmed.

Hey there Mal,

A group of Melbourneans and Kilmoreans will definately be coming to the weekend. :smiley: We can’t wait!

We’re looking at ways for us to get up there.

Now… if we were to catch the train up there, how far is the station from Lake Anderson caraban park? IS it in walking distance?

If we stayed at that caravan park, is it in walking distance to all of the meeting points and the town?

I’ve been on, and i read the stuff on the site about the event. So we MUST have knee guards, wrist guards and a helmet?

With the subscription, so we can sign up for AUS when we get to chiltern? And we need to bring $10 each for the ride?



PS - can’t wait to try your 36" UW

i know atleast 12 of us are also coming up there

Caravan Park

Chiltern is a tiny town so the station is a short walk or ride to the caravan park. The council has notified me that riders must wear helmets and high vis clothing for the street ride.

For my own sanity, I would like you to wear at least a helmet and preferably the rest in the ‘formal’ bush get togethers. This what they do at MAB etc.

You can join the AUS on the day through me. I have to recheck the cost but I think it is now $20.00 for one year.

My charges is $15.00 for the weekend. This just helps me cover cost. I use my car a bit and have to hire a portable toilet (national Park ) this year…so if you wanna go you will have beautiful plastic box available.

It is great to know you are coming

3 weeks 2 days

So, if we need to join AUS can we still get the early entry fee or will it be $15 instead of 10?