I did think of doing that as I have the two bolt bracket.

But I actually prefer the on-bar approach as I’m able to angle it inwards to most precisely reach my right hand (mount it on the left) as I like to always hold on with my right and still be able to grab the brake if needed.

For more continuous braking then I’d hold on with the left hand.

But the main reason is as turtle said - for me a central bracket always makes it feel a bit of a finger stretch to reach.

But if it works for you - that’s great.

Love the Ursli bar for the options it gives you to tweak things to fit just as you wish!

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I guess it depends on people, right! It may also depend on brakes, as some have lots of settings - such as Hope brakes or high-end Shimano brakes -, making it easy to have the lever not so far from the fingers.


Big Hands-Long Fingers


When I’m out walking
I strut my stuff
And I’m so strung out
I’m high as a kite
I just might stop to check you out

Let me go on
Like a blister in the sun
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Big hands, I know you’re the Mad4One


I forget that I use a modded brake lever… It was out of reach when using normal lever support with the L size of the bar… so you are right using it directly to the bar. I didn’t like the asymmetric set up so I reversed brake lever support and than straightened and elogated the lever.

My Ursli-Bar arrived yesterday. I didn’t have time to set it up until this evening, and now it is dark (Darkness hasn’t kept me from riding in the past, but my darkness riding is usually limited to pavement. I plan to get onto dirt tomorrow.)

I have had the Delta 90 degree brake extension for a while, but never installed it because I thought it would stick out to the side and catch my leg on UPD’s if I used a brake mount in the center of the saddle. The Ursli-Bar may eliminate this, as it serves as an off-center brake mount.

I’m not sure whether the Starfighter will be necessary, now that the Delta extension increased the surface area of the brake lever. But, I figured “If I have it, I should use it.”

The photo that looks down on the saddle from above shows that my legs might not get caught (and bruised) during UPDs.

Time will tell whether the handlebar wrap will withstand UPDs.

I am an ambidextrous/“equal opportunity” brake-user and handle-holder. The hand I use to brake or hold the saddle is normally dictated by my balance (or lack of) at the moment. I am hoping this setup works well, in that regard.


Nice setup!
Most of us, use the brake-lever without any extensions which works great.
I hope you enjoy the bar and it helps to improve your muni skills


Thanks, Markus!

I expect the 90 degree extension to be completely unnecessary. But, I have been wanting to find a use for it, if for no other reason than to “check the box” for having tried it. :grin:

I am really excited to ride with the Ursli-Bar.


I just returned from Ursli-bar Ride #1, and I definitely enjoy using the bar.

My “product review” can be summed up in one word:

  1. Spielwechsler (I hope that translates to Game Changer)

If my muni skills don’t improve, I don’t think it will be the bar’s fault. :wink:


Yesssss!!! That’s great, it was the same for us, especially for the kids on the freewheel munis, but also for us on the fixed ones.


I love this set Up with thé long Ursli Bar. I’ve a better control with IT on thé Trails.


Not everyone, mine predates it!