Have you seen our new bar?

Ursli discontinued the Ursli bar. A similar product is now sold by mad4one in two lengths: 24cm and 34cm

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Does anyone knows if this mad extension will fit on a Nimbus Stadium saddle. I asked Marco and he didn`t know. Maybe @turtle knows if the original URSLI bar did fit the Nimbus Stadium Saddle.

The Mad4One extension with Ursli Mount is made with Aluminum 6061 T6 22mm thick 2.3mm.
Anodized Black
With plastic reinforce inside the holes part.
Holes to fit the Standard plastic handle mounted on KH Zero and KH Fusion Freeride.
4 M6 hex screws.
Available Short 24cm and Long 34cm.


The original U-rsli bar fits also all Nimbus saddles. The problem is if the screws are in the saddle and not the threads (like the elder models or the mad4one saddles), but we had also for that a solution.

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1.) Does that mean a mad extension does not fit under a mad4one saddle?

2.) I know the URSLI bars were handmade.
But wouldn`t it be more elegant to flatten the bar at the ends and weld it under a reinforcement plate for nimbus and kh saddles, which can directly be screwed under the saddle.
I think it would add a more professional touch to the mad extension and make it look less prototype.
And then there is only one problem to solve:
the front bumper
Because it hurts when I hear my unicycle fall on the bar only protected by a little bit of handlebar tape.

That would be more expensive, and structually worse. (You are getting rid of a lot of crossection). Also it would fit on less seatbases (like the fusion one). You could maybe recess the bolts into the bar, for that “professional touch”.

I understand the disliking of the bar falling onto the handlebar tape, but some electrical tape or some heatshrink tubing can be a sacrificial layer on top of the tape.

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The Ursli Bar is perfect like it is: simple, light and strong. Handposition could be better, but not possible that way.

mad4one saddle is not really compatible but you can make it (bigger holes and threads like in second pic)

about the bumper: do it like finn said: extra hockey tape or similar at the front


Yes the Mad Extension with URSLI mount does not fit on Mad4One standard saddle.
We invented and developped the Mad4One HandleSaddle to offer a strong light and professional option.
The MadExtension born to offer an extra length to the HandleSaddle.
All this inspired Turtle to make the URSLI BAR to be mounted on some standard saddles. The first problem of this solution is the weakness of the saddle you are upgrading and flatted tubes increase that weakness.
In the picture you see the position of the holes to check compatibility with your saddle.

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Hi Finn, can you show me a link, what heatshrink tube you would apply.
Thanx Georg

weakness is somewhere else:


Now, I know where the name Elsbet comes from. :upside_down_face:

Something like this. You would need to measure how thick the bar is with your handlebar-tape so it fits over it, but it is available in a pretty good amount of different diameters. I haven’t seen this done yet, but I know bike riders that finish their hadlebartape with heatshrink, and it looks very neat. (So far extra Hockeytape or electrical tape seems the common option, but heatshrink would give that professional look…)

:slight_smile: Seatpost is a critical part, not all are strong enough, and pedals are consumables.
We are commited to offer better parts and we study all details to reduce weakness points.

We tested several handlebar tapes but so far leather is the strongest.

The plastic base of a saddle is an other part that we have seen often broken.
Our seatpost are available in size 25.4 and 27.2


As alternative to heatshrink tube, you can use self fusing rubber tape. That’s what i use for my handles, with an extra layer of hockey tape around it.

elsbet: einzigartiges liechtensteiner & schweizer berg-einrad-treffen :smiley:

I agree most all handlebars are missing a needed durable bumper.
This is on my homemade bar, it takes a beating with no damage.

Oh, I saw that before in another discussion. I will consider this on an URSLI bar and will call that „The John McEnroe Bumper“ :tennis:

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I finally purchased a mad extension @MAD4ONE (aka Ursli-bar) @turtle and installed a “John McEnroe Bumper” @JimT.
I cut two holes in a tennis ball with a pocket knife and extended them with a hot iron rod. In addition to the tennis ball I added two esi silicone grips over the handlebar, I had lying around from a mountain b*ke. Rides great and has already survived a few crashes.


cool idea and looks good!

the bar adds more control on your rides