Update: California MUni Weekend changes and details!

Hi all, this thread is intended to replace any other existing MUni Weekend threads with news from the last week or so before the event. Major points:

  • Most of the site has been updated: http://www.unicycling.com/muni/2006



  • REMEMBER THERE WILL BE A FEE FOR DOWNIEVILLE SHUTTLES, though it may not apply to everyone we don’t know who that will be. $15 or $20 each.

  • I just sent a very long email to everyone reserved for the cabins. If you didn’t get it please let me know. Cabin directions are here.

  • Contacting me: I respond better to email than to posts made in the newsgroup, which I may miss. My email address is at the bottom of every post I make, or every page on the web site. My default phone number is home: 916-359-7876. Always use this one first, unless you know I’m on the road. After 3:00pm or so on Sept. 21, use the cell number: 916-267-8809.

Questions? Best to send them by email. I can announce answers in this thread, and update/correct the web site if necessary.

Saturday’s events have moved to Donner Ski Ranch, a big public area where they’ve allowed us to do Trials-type riding so we don’t have to worry Lloyd by doing it in his yard. We will be part of a fundraising event for an injured local athlete. If you’re an unregistered spouse/family member or are otherwise not a MUni Weekend rider, Saturday’s dinner will be a $40 donation. Registered riders are getting the dinner at cost, but donations will be encouraged.

My registration database currently has 55 people on it, and that doesn’t include lots of people I know will be there. This includes Kris Holm and Jeff Groves from Canada! We also have a lot of states represented: California, Colorado, Florida, Hawaii, Missouri, North Carolina, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Texas and Utah!

For best results, print out the maps and directions you will need, and have them with you next weekend. See you there!

Aw, well I know if it happened I would do it, and Cody…at NAUCC weren’t there only 4 people in the street comp? I am sure we could get more than that.

Being that I forgot to ask Lloyd for yard space, or maybe I don’t want to camp in 20 degree weather, I’ve secured my family’s condo in Kings Beach (~20 mins from Truckee) for the weekend.

There’s only a few beds available, lots of floor space… if you can spare a little bit of cash, amount TBD (around $20 / night depending on # of people), you’ve got a warm, dry, stylish place to stay just walking distance from restaurants, bars and the lake. PM me or email me at maestro8 (aat) hotmail (dott) com if you’re interested.

I like the changes for Saturday. I haven’t ridden that Hole in the Ground Trail before so it sounds great. I’ll have to dig up some good things to donate for the give-away too.

See you all up there soon,

Lol yeah il do it. But that is if I can get out there. If I cant go with you bro, its like a 30 percent chance I can make it…But the poeple who are going to show interest in it are goign to be the more youthful of the riders, sho usually dont voice there own opinions…

I’ll do a street comp if there is one:)

Street Freestyle event is still up in the air, and we might not know until the weekend. Sorry about that.

BTW, I just heard today from Dan Heaton that he and Mike Clark are coming. Add that to Kris Holm, Jeff Groves and the many other very cool people that are coming and it’s turning into quite an event!

hey, lloyd wants to know if anyone who’s coming to CMW has an extra potnantzer hub bolt that they’d be willing to sell for cash monies.
Kari’s fell off during a ride last week and he needs one.

Hey, that’s Poznanter.

Yes, I have a set of Profile bolts and washers I will bring. I will be there Thursday evening.
Email me at scott@wallisdesign.com if you want more details or my cell number.


Um, well my mom is now thinking she can’t take me due to a sick cat so I am either going to fly up there with Evan or find a ride with someone else.

Just to make sure, it’s no longer necessary to bring trials obstacles for a trials potluck.

Weather report shows Downieville (I assume at the town elevation- shows 78 to 79 degrees for Friday. Truckee temps show the high in the low to mid 70’s with lows in the quick cool low 30’s and @10 mph winds during the day.

Looks like some good weather.:slight_smile:

Cheers and here’s to a safe and fun MUNI weekend.

Saturday Venue Changes (again)!

Look for updated info on the web site by the end of Tuesday. In the interests of keeping control over our group dinner and awards/schwag giveout, we’re taking dinner back to the Truckee River Regional Park picnic area. Besides, our deposit to reserve the space was not refundable. :slight_smile:

Morning and afternoon times remain the same, with an optional ride on Hole in the Ground in the morning, then lunch and Trials (and maybe Street and maybe a public show) at Donner Ski Ranch. We will still be part of the charity event, and we’ll be asked to contribute, and possibly perform, in return for our permission to have a Trials competition at a place that’s not Lloyd’s driveway.

The event benefits 19-year old Kyler Smith, who suffered a neck fracture while snowboarding and is permanently disabled from the chest down. Kyler enjoyed snowboarding, skiing, skateboarding, dirt bike riding and disc golf. Here’s a little poster for the event:

Event times at Donner Ski Ranch are still up in the air, so be prepared to be flexible. We’re scheduling the dinner event at Truckee River Regional Park to start at 5:00. We will supply some food, and also have a potluck where people can bring stuff for the grille, or stuff to share around. We might set up an outdoor theater again, and do a cold-weather screening of whatever videos are hot, if weather, equipment and the situation otherwise permits.

Was that a question, or a relay of information? I don’t believe Lloyd needs people to bring obstacles, at least not for Trials. I believe we will be using mostly natural terrain. Apparently there have been some national-level bike trials championships where we’re going to be.

We’re hoping for a general warming from what we currently have. Lloyd told me they were already snowed on once, so no guarantees. Everyone should dress for cold evenings and mornings!

My spreadsheet now has 66 people on it. This includes preregistered riders, and anyone else who has contacted me with housing or T-shirt requests. It does not include a bunch of people who haven’t done either, so we should be well over 70 in total, possibly a CA MUni Weekend record!


That’s a relay of information.:slight_smile:

Can’t wait to see you all there. If you’re arriving early, or can’t make friday’s ride and want to get some riding in, email me (Catboy@gmail.com) and we’ll get an in-town ride together.

hey, if anyone has an extra 24" muni they aren’t using, I’d be more than happy to borrow it for downieville


This should be the last update.

I’ve just updated the web site with the latest maps and scheduling information. Pages that changed:
Saturday Maps
Saturday Activities

Basically we’ve moved the Saturday dinner back to Truckee River Regional Park. This will allow us to run it as we wish, and give out our prizes and schwag without interfering with the fundraiser at Donner Ski Ranch. Non-registered riders may be asked for a contribution to pay for the food we’re providing, which will be nominal.

We also invite everyone to bring a potluck dish, meat, snack or beverage to share. This should make things much more interesting! We’ll try to coordinate this on Friday so we don’t end up with tons of the same stuff.

Thursday night registration:
Please help us get ready before Friday morning. If I don’t already have your signed waiver (registration form), or if you’d like to pick up your T-shirts early, come on down to Cabin #1 between 6:00 and 7:00 on Thursday. I’ll try to be there during that time period and cover as much of that as possible. Then maybe we’ll go out to dinner as a group, if we can fit anywhere… The cabin phone number is listed on the web site. If nobody answers it probably means nobody’s there yet! I don’t want to list my cell # on the web site or especially on the forums.

Don’t forget to print out your maps & directions, bring plenty of food/water to the Friday and Sunday rides, and dress for the weather! See you soon!

Hey John, I am going up there with Miles and probably getting there pretty late thusday night but I haven’t given you my registration stuff so when is the best time and place to give it to you?

Yeah same question…Im leaving Thursday night and gettin out there Friday morning, I wasnt really gonna be able to make it until recently…So where can I give them to you?


I don’t know what cabin I am in, yet. Not sure if I got over looked. I assume we will find out by Thursday Morning. I leave about 9:00 am.:slight_smile: