Unicyle.com Sucks!

I ordered a Torker DX from the U.S unicycle.com. Now I’m aware they have some of the most expensive prices but what I liked about them is that they would sell me the dx without the kris holm freeride saddle and reduce the retail price off of it. But now the they’re really pissing me off, they left me a message on my phone to clarify I want the seat removed. So I must of tried calling them back 30 times and nobody picks up, I even left a message asking them to call me back. So that was last friday todays wednesday. So in the meanwhile I’m thinking the unicycle has already been shipped out and should get to me by next monday. But then the other day I get a message on my email that my order had been cancelled because they’re all out of stock. Well it didn’t say that it was all out of stock when I ordered it and it already had showed up on ups that it was shipping. So today I decided to cancel my order from them because I do not like the way they conduct buisness. AND I DO NOT RECOMMEND THEM TO ANYONE unless nobody else sells a certain part. So I’m asking if anyone knows a website that will sell me a dx without the seat and reduce the price? If not whats the cheapest place to go? Thanks, Joe.

p.s- the reason I don’t want the seat is becuase I just recently bought a seat.

The price you’d be able to get it for on eBay would be about the same price as UDC-without-the-seat.

Just do that. Oh, and the DX doesn’t come with a KH Fusion Freeride. It comes with a KH style seat, which means it’s a generic KH saddle.

And I have noticed they take a little longer than I’d like on custom orders as well. They said 3-4 days for the wheelbuild. That was 12 business days ago, still hasn’t shipped. :roll_eyes:

The question is when.

what day did you order your DX, cause my friend ordered one Sunday and its supposed to get here today.


What the heck are you guys talking about, we’re all going to die. Well anyway I ordered it Friday and the reason your friend is going to get his before mine is because I live all the way in California. And wait a second you ordered a dx too because it said my order was cancelled because they were all out of stock and I ordered mine before you. Thats bull. I’ll check out ebay. Thanks. By the way whats the price of the generic kh saddle, because I thought it was the same thing as the fusion freeride?

You need to chill. Unicycle.com clearly stumbled a little in your case, but doesn’t deserve to be publicly flamed because of it. They are good people and aren’t out to ruin your day.


Littleman prolly doesn’t know that unicycle.com is John and Amy Drummond, along with some usually-great helpers. The Drummonds, along with at least two of their sons, are here in Michigan for the annual convention. Around this time, it’s understandable that orders get put off a bit, tho I imagine that someone should have told you this if your order was placed within the past 3 weeks.

Their prices are generally fine, and their work is great, and they’re really nice people. It’s too bad your first experience with them was not to your liking. My first experience with you wasn’t to my liking, but then it’s too early to judge, so I’d definitely want to know more about you before deciding one way or another. You should do the same with the Drummonds. Good luck.

stfu unicycle.com are some of the best people to work with. They may be a little more pricey but there service is second to none. Stop bashing

Bedford pwns them. no competition.
my friend ordered 2 profile unis from them and they both got messed up fairly quickly from a sucky wheel build
everyone local would rather spend the extra money to get something from bedford because what ever we want will be done right.
the only time we order from UDC is when we want just a pair of pedals and a post or whatever.

I’m new to all these abbreviations… what does “stfu” mean exactly?

-_- …and I thought I was sheltered…any way highligt the blank part for your answer…

It stands for shut the fuck up.


Businesses like unicycle.com are run by real, actual, involve- personally-in-their-business people. Thus, they are often at events in their trade (in this case, unicycling events), filling a plethora of orders, and trying to work with suppliers to keep things in stock.

They are not machines.

They are too few people trying to service a large community.

Sometimes, smaller operations don’t have the man (or woman) power to answer phones all the time, update the website, and fill orders simultaneously.

Keep in mind that THEY called YOU, and you didn’t answer, and that calling 5 times a day won’t speed things up.

Learn some patience, and understand that is takes time to fill orders besides your own, and that custom orders often take longer.

Quality service and quality gear is worth the time and wait.

It is also unprofessional and in bad taste to publicly flame any business, unless law(s) were broken, or in extreme cases.

Sit back, calm down, and wait your turn. You’re not the only one who wants a new unicycle.

Ahhh, I see. Thanks.

Even though it’s an abbreviation, is this the correct language to be throwing around here? I sure as hell don’t want anyone to tell ME to stfu!

I’ve ordered a few times thru UDC and never had a problem. I understand they are a business, but even business owners need a vacation from time to time. Custom items will usually take a little longer, as they are custom. I understand you want the seat removed, but its still a custom job regardless.

There will be times you will not be happy, welcome to real life. I usually give something two tries before I won’t do it again. In regards to UDC, I would try again to order the Torker thru them and see what happens. Ebay isn’t always a guarentee, either. Its just one of those things that didn’t work out for ya this time, but there’s always a next time.

USA UDC has the worst policies of any site

They charge my card right away for a back ordered item. Then they discontinue the item. I complain “you charged me 65 $ (over priced to boot), for these pedals and didn’t ship them.” I get an email saying they will refund my $. Then I get my bank statement a month later and they still have my $. I ask again for my money etc.
Any legit company will not hit your card before they ship the item. Any other web site I have ever dealt with knows if something is in stock. To combine these 2 lamenesses , with a reluctance to return said $ is inexcusable.
The reason they charge your account for an item before shipping is a conscious profit maximizing choice they would discontinue if they had any real competition. But really, for a lot of stuff it’s UDC- USA or nothing, and they know it, act like it, and we must just deal with it. They read this forum and could change said rotten policy and post a thread announcing said change anytime they decide to forgo the extra $ it makes them.
I have never had another site charge my card for a non custom product before it is shipped. This is UDC USA policy. They also won’t let you know if it’s back ordered. You can just wait and hope while they hold your $. And you better not forget, because it’s your job to remind them that they ow you something. I am sure not everyone remembers. I had a similar problem on a previous order. This is not a simple problem, the result of overworked but honest people. I hate it worse when everyone says they are so “nice”. Did you ever meet a car salesmen who wasn’t ? Grow up! They have made a deliberate business decision to employ sleazy practices because it pays off for them. And no I won’t stfu until I get my money back. And they ow us more then an apology. They need to change . There is no excuse for this. Greed is an explanation, not an excuse.
I wish to end this rant by pointing out that UDC UK is a separate business, and I hear that Roger does a much better job.:slight_smile: Please do not confuse the two.

I look foward to the opening of a new US unicycle supplier that will feature rock bottom prices, and a few people sitting around phones waiting for me to call 24 hours a day. Plus enough people to assembly all the parts of the unicycles that are ordered and to make sure they have enough unicycles and parts in stock to keep the majority of the people happy.
I assume “feel the light” and littleman joe will be heading this operation up.
I call first dibs to publicly flame them on the forums after one bad dealing with their company!

Let’s hear it for Darren Bedford! WOOOOOOOOO!

It’s not a “deal”, it’s a deliberate policy

Any site may have a problem occasionally. What I want UDC USA to publicly announce they are changing is the policy that they will charge your card before they ship the item. Name another site that does that Mr. Habby. You have completely missed the point. It is ok that they update their site to reflect stock on a monthly basis. To charge an account for an item that is listed in stock, that is then not shipped is wrong. To need to be reminded to refund the money that no legitimate site would have taken in the first place is wrong. This is not a tiny Ma and Pop operation. UDC USA turns over a million dollars/yr. It is not the cost of the software that is holding them back. I have friends who own web businesses. They have confirmed to me that the only reason to show something as in stock, charge an account for it, not ship it then hold the cash as long as you can is because you get free money that way. Greed. Not because they are to small to figure it out. Not incompetence, my friend"s business is tiny in comparison. It is as simple as that. Don’t charge the account before you ship the item. That policy is dishonest, and deliberately so.

I’ve never met the people that run the buisness, so don’t say I’m bagging on them because I don’t like them. I’m sure they’re great people, but good people or not they have a major buisness so they need to run it smoothly. When I got on here my first intention was to ask if anyone else knows of a website that will sell me a torker dx without the seat, and I went a little over board with the yelling at unicycle.com. I’m sorry to everybody that I offended. I don’t want to earn myself a bad name. If there’s anyway to delete the thread I’ll do it if anybody tells me. By the way don’t tell me to shut the – up again. Thanks.