Unicycling shirts?

Which are still available by the way, in S/M/L/XL. Just $10 USD + $4 shipping in US, a bit more to Canada or overseas. Plus, I’ll throw in the personal satisfaction of helping a poor college student make one last tuition payment.

Hell - You got a link to an image of that shirt?

Darren Bedford has a lot of really cool shirts too.

Yep, here’s the original thread about it. The image on the first post is large on the back, with a small version of just the banner and skull on the front left. There’s an actual picture of the shirt (worn by pdc & son) deeper in the thread.

(sorry for sorta jacking your thread, James)

hell on wheel how high is ur roll hop on a 24" ?

Not sure. If you’re asking because you noticed my claim as 24" Rolling Trials Champion, then I would suggest doing a search on Rolling Trials.:slight_smile:

haha ur a liar

I have available what I think is a nice quality shirt. It’s available at www.ridetheunicycle.com.

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Have any of your shirts shipped?


Sorry, just had to set this straight.

here on unicycle.net I have two models, one is a parody on Heineken the other on Harley Davidson.

What about this shirt ? There are still some for sale (in red, blue or black background, mostly small sizes)

fantastic evolution shirt!

:astonished: that cursor is like extremely awesome! and the shirts are pretty sweet themselves… i like the heineken one best

il take 1 how shirt

I’m afraid I’m down to just one L and two XL. Actually, I have two M’s reserved for DK, but he hasn’t called me back in a while. I’ll try and get in touch with him one more time and let you know. Still just $10 + $4 shipping (in the U.S. [I think it’s $9 to the UK])

dang nvm

Check this thread out: