New HoW T-shirt

I employed the services of some art student friends of mine who started a screen-printing business. I wanted something on the order of a Jolly Roger, with unicycles instead of cross-bones. Below is what they came up with. The yellow is the color of the T-shirt. The logo will be large and centered. Now I just need to figure out two things before I go through with the order:

  1. Should the logo be on the front or back.
  2. How many should I make? (How many of you would be interested in one?)

I plan to bring a bunch to Motorama and Ray’s if people seem interested. Cost will be $10. Thanks for your input.

I’ll prolly buy one…


it should be on the back, and maybe something small in the corner of the front that says Hell On Wheel in pretty letters.

but I won’t be able to get one, soo…

$10 I’m in. Looks good, and I like the spin on “Biker Gangs” Good Stuff.

Now if you could do something in a large patch that can be sewn to the back of my leather jacket.:smiley:

I’d buy one. Adult small, logo on the front.

I’m down, size small, I love the light yellow shirt color!

Cool, nice design. I think it would look better on the back…as that tends to be where bikey gangs wear their main patches, so I’d put it there if you wanted to stick with the bikey gang theme.

$10 + shipping i assume? i’d still probably be down. gotta get a job first though. also, i vote back for logo.

Me, me, me! I want one!

Just ye job! I’ve a pirate theme party to go to coming up - they’ll never believe I’ve been able to shoehorn unicycles into my costume!

Back/front? Probably go for the back with small chest detail as James Potter suggested.

Nice design! (not sure of the yellow shirt colour though…)

I’d definitely want one and vote for logo on the back.


Sign me up. I like T shirts with something on both sides, but I understand that would increase the cost.

I’d buy one…with logo on front and on a dark shirt (black, navy blue). I’m not really down with the yellow.

sign me up!

I want a couple, any other colors besides yellow, it clashes with my teal riding shorts, and mov pedals…

black or white shirts maybe? big on the back, little logo on the front, I would pay more…

Wow, quite a response!

Looks like back wins…I like front personally but the masses have spoken (maybe I can get a few front ones made to order). I’ll see how it will affect production cost to put something small on the front corner, like maybe just the banner, but no promises.

Also, I’m afraid shirt color is limited to yellow (personally I like it). Maybe I can get some whites, but dark colors are out (they said it is hard to put light colors on dark shirts with their equipment)

I’ll get plenty of S/M/L, any XL requests?

markf - Yes, it will be $10+shipping.

Does anyone know the best way to ship a shirt?

USPS Priority, flat rate $3.85

If I pay the extra, would you ship to the UK?

i want a medium one! those look great!

they turned out really nice, frank. of course i want one. Large for me.

I want a medium!
As st3v0 asked, will you ship abroad?
And how should i pay?