Unicycling shirts?

Link me up to some cool unicycling shirts/hoodies! All I have right now is the amazing shirt that Frank (hell-on-wheel) made.

unicycle.com or google it.

Some local bikers and I are starting a clothing company that will be geard towards bikers, skaters, and unicyclists. We’re sponsoring Kevin McMullen and Shaun Johanesonn, and we should have our first batch of shirts printed up in about a week or two. Check the website in my signature for more information.

search at cafepress.com

I have seen unicycle.com’s shirts, and no offense to anyone at unicycle.com, but I dont really like the shirts they have up there.

Check out the “www.unicyclist.com” T from http://www.unicycle.uk.com/shop/shopdisplayproduct.asp?catalogid=730

It looks better than the picture. Blue is great.

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Which are still available by the way, in S/M/L/XL. Just $10 USD + $4 shipping in US, a bit more to Canada or overseas. Plus, I’ll throw in the personal satisfaction of helping a poor college student make one last tuition payment.

Hell - You got a link to an image of that shirt?

Darren Bedford has a lot of really cool shirts too.

Yep, here’s the original thread about it. The image on the first post is large on the back, with a small version of just the banner and skull on the front left. There’s an actual picture of the shirt (worn by pdc & son) deeper in the thread.

(sorry for sorta jacking your thread, James)

hell on wheel how high is ur roll hop on a 24" ?

Not sure. If you’re asking because you noticed my claim as 24" Rolling Trials Champion, then I would suggest doing a search on Rolling Trials.:slight_smile:

haha ur a liar

I have available what I think is a nice quality shirt. It’s available at www.ridetheunicycle.com.

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Have any of your shirts shipped?


Sorry, just had to set this straight.

here on unicycle.net I have two models, one is a parody on Heineken the other on Harley Davidson.