Rolling Trials Competition Results

[U]1st Annual HCR Invitational Rolling Trials Competition

24”/26” Class:

1st Place : Frank Brown
2nd Place: Wolfgang (Wogri)
3rd Place : Bill Hamilton

36” Class:

1st Place : Nick Vadala (DigitalAttrition)
2nd Place: Tim Braun
3rd Place : Brian MacKenzie (taken out early due to injury)

Many thanks to everyone who participated in the First Annual HCR Invitational Rolling Trials Competition. Also, special thanks to Leeanne MacKenzie and Allison Sanford for helping me set up the Sections and for cleaning up afterward – I would never have been able to pull it off without your help… and to Dave Lowell for lugging his computer and color printer back and forth to Cleveland for me and letting me use it extensively.

Although things were quite hectic for me regarding preparing the competition (it was the first time I ever did anything like this), everything seemed to come together and everyone seemed to have had a really great time. Being that I didn’t have time to provide the competitors with a formal “walk-through” of all the Sections prior to the start of the competition, I intended to try and ensure that the start and finish lines of the Sections (that weren’t very obvious) were clearly understood by all competitors who wanted to attempt them.

I wound up tagging along with Nick Brazzi, Wolfgang (Wogri), Frank Brown, and Bill Hamilton for most of the event. These guys were amazing! I had incredible fun just watching them ride through my Sections.

I watched in amazement as Bill Hamilton nailed Section 18 (a fairly difficult Section involving an uneven ramp with a nice dip that led to a really narrow teeter-totter) like a Pro in spectacular fashion on his 1st attempt (he admitted to me that he had practiced the line earlier), but it was still his first attempt during the competition and quite impressive, nonetheless!

Frank Brown is an absolutely AMAZING (24”/26” class) Rolling Trials competitor and proved to me that many Sections that I thought were only doable on a 36”er were totally doable on the MUni (though he did admit that there were a few potential Sections that he felt were only doable on the 36er). I watched in awe as Frank cleaned Section #9 (the pyramid ramp), blew through two fairly difficult Sections (#10 and #11) – with skinnies and whoops – in a row, as if they were nothing and then cleaned the bi-level ramp with the hollow step (Section #16)!

Wogri wasn’t too far behind Frank, and is also an incredible (24”/26” class) Rolling Trials competitor. Wogri had to focus on NOT hopping, as he missed a few attempts because of a hopping DQ… but he ultimately cleaned those lines without any hops. Wogri said he really liked the “flow” of Rolling Trials riding and thought that it could really help riders develop their skills. One highlight of the competition was watching Wogri finally conquer Section #19 (a difficult Section involving a log pile and a swing bridge). On his first few attempts, he kept missing the finish line by literally just a couple of inches (he had to clear a big log on the other side of the swing bridge) due to falling or hopping. I was really psyched to watch him finally roll the entire line and earn the point.

While not at the level of Frank Brown or Wogri, Bill Hamilton and Nick Brazzi are both excellent Rolling Trials riders and I really enjoyed watching them ride as well. With a little more practice, I think they will both be a serious force to be reckoned with! That was great when you nailed the big teeter-totter, Nick!

Though I unfortunately didn’t have much time to spend with the 36” riders (Brian MacKenzie, Tim Braun, and Nick Vadala), I was fortunate enough to catch Tim nailing the tabletop jump on his Coker – great job, Tim! Unfortuantely, as you all know, Brian got taken out of the competition early, due to his injury!

ShadowUni showed up late and was unable to compete, but I did enjoy watching him ride as well. I wish I had more time to ride with ShadowUni, but I was too busy wrapping up the competition. Maybe we can ride together at the skatepark in Philly sometime. That was a great wheel walk on the Coker, Shadow!

In summary, I feel that the 1st Annual HCR Invitational Rolling Trials Competition was a complete success and proved to me that Rolling Trials is an extremely enjoyable form of competition not just for me… but for everyone else who gave it a shot. Furthermore the competition proved that the sport works great not just for 36” uni riders, but for any rider on a 24” wheel uni or bigger (there was a pretty skillful 20” wheel uni rider who tagged along with the 24” guys and couldn’t get up many of the ramps, despite excellent attempts… so I really don’t think the sport would work too well for 20” riders). I truly believe that the majority of people who try it will agree that Rolling Trials is a great new form of competitive unicycling. I encourage everyone to give it a try and/or attend an event. I will plan the 2nd Annual HCR Invitational so that it doesn’t conflict with any other events. I hope to see you there…


Andrew, when are you going to be in Philly? I’d like to go for a ride again.

The walkthrough was a good idea, it helped me understand what I had to do, and I really had no questions after it.

All in all, this was a great competition. I definately believe that rolling trials has the potential to be a new form of unicycling. It is certainly challenging enough. Also, the terrain at Ray’s forced the riders to do things and make lines they thought they couldn’t do, which was the best part in my opinion. I will attend the next annual competition. Thanks a lot for the certificate, I have it hanging above my desk.

Sure, right here:

Thanks a lot, Nick… and congratulations on winning the competition and becoming the standing 36" Rolling Trials Champion! I was psyched that you were able to pull off Sections and Lines that you thought you couldn’t make… I only wish I could have had the time to watch you ride and ride with you more… I was kind of preoccupied with the 24"/26" guys because I was really curious as to what could and could not be done on that size uni as compared to the 36" size (which I already have experience riding and first-hand knowledge of) so that I could gauge the potential of the sport on that wheel size. I’m really happy that you like the certificate… I hope it becomes really meaningful due to the sport gaining momentum worldwide and becoming really popular… then it will be REALLY cool to have won the 1st competition and earned the certificate - I just hope you don’t auction it off on Ebay if that does happen (just kidding :smiley: )!

I haven’t made any definitive plans to go to Philly, yet… but I would like to get there sometime in the next month or so because the place is awesome! The only problem with it is that it gets real crowded and it’s real easy to get in the way of a (fast moving) bicyclist (or vica versa). It is possible, however, to rent the whole place out for $99.00 (which includes 5 riders… each additional rider is only $5), so if we got 5 riders to go, it would be only $20.00 for two hours (and $5 additional per person for an additional 2 hours if we wanted)… which would be awesome because we wouldn’t have to worry about getting in anyone’s way. More info on rentals available at:
Maybe we can get Shadow and a couple of members of SWAT to go so we can rent the place! It would be great to ride with you and those guys!

Well, Shadow (Nick DiJohn) is in SWAT, and 5 of the 6 SWAT members (Nick, Jim, Tim, Joe, and myself) all live within the immidiate Philadelphia area, so we could do that. I will talk to the guys and see if they want to do that. Kevin might want to though.

Anyway, I think that rolling trials could be done on a 20" if it was a trials uni, but he inclines might be very hard. Rolling over some things doesn’t seem too bad though. I wouldn’t add that class in yet though, it should be tested out (at Ray’s?) by some people first. I hope rolling trials takes off, I think everyone can enjoy it.

You should wait until I come home for summer. The I’d be game.

5 dollars? 2 hours? let’s rent out the whole damn thing again for thne whole time, just like this weekend! Make it 5.5 hours of awesomeness

I’m game whenever. mid-end mar? We can get a bunch more filming done as well, when not having dto deal with all the ‘official’ rollingtrials stuff.

HCR may be a great rider, but watching him lay yellow tape down is pretty boring :slight_smile:

Congrats Frank for representing Hell on Wheel and completely dominating! And good job to everyone else too.

Re: Rolling Trials Competition Results

Aw, shucks. :o Thanks!

Andrew - Fun competition and a great concept. It requires a different type of riding and approach which I found enjoyable. I hope more events will have rolling trials and the concept will grow.

Frank, Wolfgang and Nick - It was fun to ride/compete with you. I knew I could keep up with you on the easy stuff, but as it got harder, you pulled ahead as expected. Riding with you guys helped lift my riding to a little higher level. Good times!


Re: Re: Rolling Trials Competition Results

Bill, I think at least I didn’t pull ahead of you; In my opinion we were doing pretty equal. I’m still not an experienced rider, I got my first unicycle 9 months ago, and there’s still much to learn for me (for example to reach the speed and stability frank can reach on a uni).

But hey, this was a great time, and my ‘second place’ certificate shines from the edge of my table.

Unfortunately my internship ends in about a month, and I guess I won’t be there for next year. BUT (as another Austrian already said): I’ ll be back!


Re: Rolling Trials Competition Results

See Brian saw I had the best injury so far so he thought he’d out due me not knowing how good I was doing in the rolling trials. In the end he got the best injury but I beat him in the rolling trials.:o

The rolling trials went really good. I really liked it. To bad not more people were doing the 36" class.

The next time a group is going to Ray’s I’m there as long as I’m avalible. I hope sooner then next year.

ive been to this skate park before. they are great there. they gave me free band-aids when i got cut and everything! lol
it was $14 for me to get in, plus signing a waiver. other than that it was a very neat place to ride. there are not many bikers there, only skate boarders, and they dont do much. if we went on a weekday, we’d practically have the place to ourself anyway, as opposed to paying more money. i highly recommend this place. just bring a helmet and you can get in. people under the age of 18 may need to have parent sign their waiver. it was awesome at Ray’s tho. I would like to ride with hardcore coker rider again sometime, and mackenzie, you know its always a pleasure to show you up! lol

everyone always picks on me :frowning:

Brian we only pick on the people we love.

err well yeah I’ll stay with that.:smiley:

That would be AMAZING! I had no idea Brian MacKenzie would show up all the way from London, Ontario… in that case just let me know when you can make it… and I’ll be there! It’ll be 100% riding (though the kind of riding you do there is mostly essentially rolling trials type riding)… it won’t be an organized rolling trials competition and there won’t be any tape :smiley: ! I’m game to get over there to ride with the SWAT members during a regular riding session, as well. When I was there it was during a biking session (I didn’t think they’d let me in during the skateboarding session) and it was pretty crowded (on a Thursday evening).

Man, what an awesome time! This place totally blew me away. The Sport section was really fun and rideable. The Expert Section was absolutely amazing and in many places beyond my ability but probably still doable with practice.

My favorite was probably the weighted sliding ramp. It was like a long plank on rollers and counter-weighted so you had to ride to almost the end at high speed, and then stop quickly and use your momentum to slide the ramp forward. Very difficult, but eventually I think Wogri and I both got it.

Andrew came up with some great sections. He did a good job setting the difficulty levels. Though I’m glad I could prove him wrong by cleaning some of the ones he designated “36” only" :). I think this sport has great potential for both 36 and 24/26. It’s a lot of fun and can be very difficult. It was hard to force myself not to make correction hops (like on section 19) but very gratifying once you finally get it.

You can definately count me in for the next competition.

Also, TWNR is an awesome movie and should be a part of any unicycle movie collection. (It’s also the first unicycle DVD to include footage of the Hell on Wheel Gang.)

Thanks man, it was fun listening to everyone’s reaction as the movie was playing. I’d love to have HOW have a whole scene next time!

I think if you guys want to come up here, it should be at the end or March or around July so Kev can come ride with us…or both!

All we need is $20 each. It seems totally worth it.

It would have to be the end of March for me… because I’m off to LA at the end of March (but I’d fit this in first, before I leave). It’s DEFINITELY worth it… having the place to ourselves is key because you can do any line you want without getting in anyones way. It was virtually impossible for me to attempt the line pictured below because the run-up required me to cross in the direct path of bicyclists and skateboarders who were using other ramps that the run-up line was right smack in the middle of! I wouldn’t have that problem if we rented the place… then I could attempt that line to my hearts content! If Brian comes all the way from London, we should definitely pay the $25 for 4 hours so that it’s really worth the long ride for him.

qpipe with ledge  slant ramp 2.jpg

Hey man, end of march sounds good to me. I believe Tim and Jim are fine with it as well. Dijohn seems to be OK too. We just need to find out if Joe and Brian are up for it. $25 is fine for 4 hours I believe.

I would like to try that line out, it looks like a lot of fun. I kind of picked out a few from the pictures on the website as well.

Although, according to my Mom (who is a physical therapist) my left wrist might be broken, so I might have to get a cast :frowning:

Whatever though, I’ll just ride with it if it is broken.