Rolling Trials Competition Results

Do it between the 4th and 13th of March and I’ll prolly be there since it doesn’t look like I’ll be going to Toque.

Just curious… now that the first competition has been held and I had the chance to witness the 24"/26" class riders amazing riding, I was just wondering what your thoughts are on the terms that Gild and I came up with for the various classes: 36" = ‘pilots’ (my contribution), 29" = ‘jockeys’ (GILD’s contribution), and 24"/26" = ‘runners’ (GILD’s contribution).

Do you like this idea and/or these particular terms or is it stupid? (I won’t take any offense). At first, I wasn’t sure if I liked the term “Runners” for the 24"/26" class, but it grew on me, and ironically enough… now that I saw you guys ride the Sections on the 24"/26" size uni’s… I think the term might actually be appropriate because you seemed to be able to clean various Sections on your MUni’s faster than I could on my Coker, despite my having a much larger wheel! Like Sections 10 & 11, for example - though I enter Section 10 with a lot of speed to get passed the dip, you guys actually ride the Sections faster than I could on my Coker. The same thing for Section 15 - the big teeter-totter with the turns and the whoop ramps at the end. I didn’t use the terms for the first competition because I didn’t know if you liked the idea or not. What are your thoughts?

I totally enjoyed the rolling trials. I finally found a situation where I liked riding a 26" and didn’t wish I had a different wheel. I found the 26" gave me the speed and momentum that you need on a lot of these lines, but still I had a lot of the control you would have with a 24".

I would like to suggest a different model for the rolling trials competition and see what everybody thinks. I find a lot of lines would be best on Coker (momentum, speed), while some are better on 24" (some speed with more control), while some might be even better on 20" for that super control with no concern for speed.

So, my ideal rolling trials round would be played like golf. In golf, you get to a hole, you check it out, then you choose which club you want. I would like to walk up to a particular line, check it out, then choose which unicycle I want.

I think the rules should be loose on which or how many wheels you can bring. If one guy wants to do it all on coker, cool. If another guy wants to have 20 unicycles with him, that’s cool. I think the rule should be if you choose one unicycle for a particular line, you have to clear the line on the uni you chose. You can’t do a bunch of attempts on one uni and then switch unicycles on the same line.

I’d like to hear what you all think, because this is how I would prefer to do this sort of competition.

I agree, that would be really cool. you could make the tiniest zigzag lines for 20"rs

Actually, Nick… that is the exact idea I had in mind for the “Unlimited” class, though we didn’t hold an “Unlimited” class competition for this first event… and I think it is an EXCELLENT idea! The golf corollary is what came to mind for me too when I was thinking about it. Like you said, certain lines are much easier (or difficult), depending upon the wheel size you choose… so “Unlimited” would be a really cool event. I don’t think we should eliminate the other classes (24"/26" and 36"), though… I think we should simply add the “Unlimited” class as another event. Perhaps “Unlimited” should be the one class that allows 20" unis. Lots of people don’t have (or possibly can’t afford to have) lots of different wheel sizes, so if we just had “Unlimited” and no other classes, certain riders may have a big advantage over other riders with fewer uni’s available to them.