Unicycling in rome the next two weeks

Hey there,
I hope anybody from Rome will read this… :smiley:
I will spend my holidays in Ostia near Rome the next two weeks.
My plans are also going unicycling as often as possible… :wink:
I’ll take my trial and my MUni (24") with me.
If anybody is interested in riding with me, message me… :slight_smile:

Greetings, unicycler94

Too bad; I will be there around July 9-12 (for Unicon!).

Try not to break anything really old… :slight_smile:

Well, thats really sad…

I’ll try, but I can’t promise anything. :smiley:
I’ll leave in about 5 hours… Arrival will be tomorrow in the afternoon.

Nobody else there?
Thats too sad… I’ll have a look in here tomorrow again.

I’m sorry… I live in Italy but about 3 hours of car from Roma:)… You probably know that it is a pretty hilly city (it was founded on 7 famous hills)… so your muni is probably the best choice!! So Have Fun In Italy and don’t forget to share your muni experience in Roma with us !!

Trial in the Colosseum would be very funny too, I think… :smiley: :smiley:

Do you know anybody from Rome here in the forum?

Greetings, unicycler94

Hi friend,
I’m from Bologna, a couple of hour by train north of Rome…
I’m sorry I’ve read this message only today…
But this weekend there wil be a Muni meeting in the Dolomiti Alps…
If you’re interested,
can find more info at

Thanks, but it’s a “little” too far for me. :wink:
Sadly I can’t take fotos since I have to ride alone… ^^

There’d be some pretty great trials at the Ostia Antica ruins :stuck_out_tongue: (I went there at the start of the year)

LOL :smiley:
I’ve been riding in Rome a few times yet, but they seem not to be used to see unicyclists there… :astonished:
But on the other hand that’s nice, since the police doesn’t know what to do, when I ride down the stairs at circus maximus for example… :smiley: :smiley:

Gladiators in the colosseum ?

Damn… too late…

I live and work in Rome but only today i read your message…


Too sad.
I had very nice holydays there.
The pictures I took with my smartphone (selftimer) will follow.